Secrets To Meditation
A basic guide of meditation for the beginners
Posted by admin on November 20, 2013 – 6:32 am

It is a well known fact that meditation can change your personality into a better one with its calmness and serenity. And if you’re suffering from stress, then meditation is one of the safest ways out of that stress. Here is a simple guide that would discuss in details about the techniques of meditation for [&h***ip;]

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Stress Relief – Meditation and Exercise : stress relief
Posted by admin on November 18, 2013 – 2:33 am

Stress relief – Meditation Even a complete beginner can use mediation for stress relief, and with some practice meditation can become an essential tool for completely releasing stress as well. What exactly is meditation? Depending on who you ask, meditation can be anything from a breathing exercise, visualization exercise, relaxation exercise, emotional introspection, deep thought [&h***ip;]

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Make Your Meditation Sessions More Engaging With Buddhism Music : meditation music
Posted by admin on November 17, 2013 – 1:40 pm

The needs and desires in our lives at times drive us to mental suffering, stress and loss of hope. While these problems are a part of human life, there are steps we can take to bring back tranquillity, calm and mental peace. The three states of tranquillity, calm and mental peace help our minds to [&h***ip;]

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Secrets of the Zen Circle
Posted by admin on November 15, 2013 – 9:31 am

  The Zen circle is a simple, stark black circle usually painted on white paper in ink. Typically the circle is said to represent the material world that continues endlessly without cessation. There is a beginning to life (where the brush first touches the paper) and an end (where the brush leaves the paper), but [&h***ip;]

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