Secrets To Meditation

h***o Dear Friend!
gul näckros ~ waterlily
This website has arisen from the need to provide fresh information from selected sources who have walked the walked and know exactly what it is that one needs to do in order to know and learn meditation. I specifically like to point out the Bashar and Adronis videos, these are by far the most educational in all ways.

Meditation is not one of those activities one needs to create a ritual in order to enter a meditative state. However, there is nothing wrong with performing a ritual before meditation. It works either way. THe most important thing to realize is that one should relax and clear the mind from your day-in day-out thoughts. Just think of nothing and let the waves of creation guide you to whever they take you.

The articles and videos presented on this website is purely for educational purposes.

People with strict authoraterian religious beliefs should avoid this website. Anyone with closed loop understanding of the world should avoid this website.

Only people with open minds and who believe in a free world should stick around and either read the articles or watch and listen to the videos presented. But, please don’t consider anything on the net as gospel. Please don’t do this.

In time after expnading your knowledge you will understand what is truth and what is non-truth. Our perception of the shades of life becomes stronger as we start to perceive how precise creation is. You really don’t have to believe a word of anything that is written. Listen to your inner senses and discern how it feels. You are equiped with all the machinery needed to cope with all the energies that are in this reality.

Folks, everybody on this planet is searching for something but most are looking in the wrong places. The closest point between what you seek is only a thought away. That is why meditation can help you jump there. Topics of releigious and non-religous information is given on this site and please don’t think for a moment any of it as a fact or truth for that matter. All things that are non-material are highly unbelievable to all who yet had to witness the magic of creation. Thought we all have at some point either daily or otherwise witness the magic but don’t see it....and they danced ´til dawn!

Anyway, may magic, love, honesty, truth, lights of creation be your driving force guiding you toward whatever your passions are in this reality.

Peace and Joy!