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Published on January 31, 2013 – 11:44 am

Meditation :

Abundance Meditations available here New Solfeggio Meditation Series below Solfeggio Meditation Series Here Healing Solfeggio Radiating love Meditation here Regeneration Meditation Solfeggio here and Love Charm Meditation here Meditate with any of these daily or if you are having a “challenging” moment, sit back, relax and listen so it may soothe you. Either way, meditation is one of our finest tools. Meditation levels the playing field. Anyone who meditates on a consistent basis is going to get great results. Keep in mind that the subconscious creates with pictures and emotion. So you may watch the beautiful pictures and create delicious feeling for yourself or simply close your eyes and create desirable pictures in your minds eye. Either way stay conscious our pictures are creating so we wanna focus on the beautiful ones. More meditations at Enjoy meditation alone or get your Abundance book that goes with it at Download this first meditation free at

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