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Adronis – Energies for August and ET Disclosure : Adronis Channeling : Video
Published on September 30, 2011 – 10:51 pm

This is Adronis Channeling

In this video clip, Adronis talks on the power emotions for the month of August and speaks also on what to expect when ET disclosure is exposed on a mass scale.
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  1. @MrHmmm1 u think this is part of blue dream?


  3. I was more than willing and was very open to et life forms. I believed in alien life. I started to look more deeply and have to say im not so sure anymore. This vid sounds like project blue beam through and through. Misleading info is very dangerous!!

  4. Thankyou for the wonderful affirming energy!

  5. don’t forget that your belief colours your experience; your belief *creates* your experience, down the road. Stay open. Let your emotions guide you. If it feels good, it is good.

  6. 2012 is a time of great change…most likely to be happen 2013….when our solar system crosses the galactic equator

  7. I agree. Its been laid out. Now all we can do is prepare, and wait for it.

  8. Time will only tell for now it is a believe nothing a fact. (yet)
    by 2011 we schould all know if 2012 is really the time of descention.

  9. Thats what im talking about baby!

  10. This is usefull information how you see it Brad.Yeah sooo many of the StarSeeds want the truth to be known.We just have to live our day as we have been already so far.We just have to be Grounded. I hope it will be seen,if not I won’t feel heart broken.I still have my Bills to pay…LOL. Cool Info Brad

  11. Excited to see the ETs? Research Project Blue Beam.

  12. Something as simple as governments seriously aknowledging the existence of extraterrestrials excites me greatly 🙂

    It will give people a chance to let the info settle down in their minds for a while and after the initial shock and outrage, there may be more people looking for answers and the Truth 🙂

    Can’t wait!

  13. I’ve always hoped for disclosure. but now i really don’t cross my fingers for anything now…

  14. cant wait..

  15. Thank you, again.

  16. Thank you Brad and Adronis for your hard work and sharing this information with us.

  17. Indeed getting people to release from hurtful belief systems is difficult. Especially when it is with your own family, as many people can react with anger or misplaced pity. I am not sure exactly what I can do for them. The time is not ripe yet, sometimes it is best to ride the wave for now as new events unfold.

  18. I sure hope everything is sunshine and rainbows as you like to put it. I don’t trust myself or these beings enough to channel but have become awakened and enlightened nevertheless to limitless possibility.

    Some of the theories surrounding 2012 + New Age seem too incredible to believe, and if something seems too good to be true it usually is, but truth is stranger than fiction. That is a fact proven by our existence as understanding goes forward always.