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Adronis: Your Soul Selves : Adronis Channeling : Video
Published on October 14, 2011 – 3:43 pm

This is Adronis Channeling

This is an excerpt from a non-public session talking on other soul selves.
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  1. Ok. How many me’s are there? Like are there 2 male humans and one female tiger? 4 different looking aliens? And do we all talk to each other inside our head? Like is our head our telephone connection? I heard/felt messages 12 years ago, and have just gone with it. I thought at that time it was God (christian God) but thru the years it is if they have gotten closer and they are leading me to the idea that they are me??? uh what?? Ok time for medication 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t be publishing if there wasn’t permission.

    There is no proof to give you of what I have brought through is or isn’t that of Bashar. But again, that’s the point. You focus too much on the messenger and not the message. The messenger is truly irrelevant. It’s the message that stands out. This is something that still stands out. Let go of the need for identity and truly take into heart what is being expressed through your resonance. That’s what’s important here. Tks.

  3. It said this is a private session…did she give her permission to post this? I would be hesitant to call you if you went ahead and posted it.

    BTW: You sound a lot like Brashar. How can I be certain that you are different from Brashar?

  4. @ex0gen

    Above Avatar level there are a few dimensions still ‘outside’ of source. Those are the primal light fields. The primal sound fields are within source The word/logos of God.

  5. @MaBu888 perhaps, but that is the only thing that is universal.

  6. @ex0gen

    You are simply focusing on the highest avatar level of being (higher in the ‘higherarchy’ than oversoul).