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Bashar M Theory : Bashar channeling : Video
Published on October 11, 2011 – 5:43 pm

This is Bashar channeling

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  1. @plague613 Great ..i have been listening to bashar for many years, nice to meet oterh bashar disiples …

  2. @roffpoff Her name is Ayako and she is Japanese; you can look up Bashar & Ayako.
    She used to channel him yet now she teaches herself.
    They had an event together on the 30-31.7.2011

  3. I have heard that a chinese woman have recieved bashar , is there proof of this ? ( or any other persons than Bashar)

  4. These guys unfortunately are talking s*** and trying to pretend
    that it’s science.

  5. The sad part – is he took this incredible talent and chose to use it in a fraudulent manner. It would have been so much better if he just chose to be a motivational speaker or author – or life coach – instead of saying he is an alien.

    Kind of sad really – because he is a genius regarding human psychology – and yet a completely fraudulent nutbag.

  6. @thespectra he’s been doing this since 1983

  7. I think enlightenment is the way to grab all the infinite dimensions, universa, frequencies, etcetera into 1 where you will all experience it at once.

  8. This was a great conversation.

  9. @Shift4chizzle I’m positive you’ll have such opportunity in your life. “We are in this interaction to put ourselves out of a job. Our dearest desire is to have there come a day on your planet when you do not need us at all. And then on that day we will be able to interact with you on an equal level. The way you open that door is not by wishing for us to interact with you, not by the desire alone, but by expressing more of a desire for you to interact with yourselves as equals” -Bashar

  10. @lomi1 yeah, but i think it is easier for my generation to walk up to an alien because of all the adults that have already dont it and got intel for us and we now know which aliens are good and bad. also we have more imagination than most adults so i constantly imagine my self meeting an alien. and i have so many questions for them as well. i wish i will meet one soon.

  11. @Shift4chizzle Yes I feel we are all evolving quickly as we have a biosphere to protect for your generation. It seems we have help, yet waking up to ETs requires great courage for most adults, but maybe it’s easier for your generation who have so much to lose We can seek assistance for a deadly mess in our industrial juggernaut under still the control of a limited corporatocracy !

  12. @lomi1 lol, yeah back when i wrote that i didnt know as much as i know now. i dont think we know what the 5th dimension is but we can have an idea. and i am no where near PHD im 8th grade (US system) year 10 (british system)

  13. @Shift4chizzle PhD Of course we’ll take your word for it with all of your sources listed lol !

  14. 100th like… Awesome!