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Bashar – Permission Slips : Bashar channeling : Video
Published on November 2, 2011 – 7:48 am

This is Bashar channeling

Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, talks about Permission Slips… (photograph from alicepopkorn (flickr))
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  1. this is probably the most important video
    “just be” right now! without any meditation. music, crystal ,etc

  2. @MARX136 Fiddle with the red “cc” b***on at bottom right of video. First you get captions, then you have to hit the b***on a second time to get the language options.

  3. Unite .together with Our Friends here and everywhere.. We r showering Divine Love and Blessings from our ~♥~-s 2 all beautiful Islands of Japan and Our Beloved Earth and Humanity ♥ safely shifting 2 The Golden Crystal Age~Happiness 2 All~Oneness Love and Light Infinite~ Thank U Beloved Mighty I Am Presence-s ♥ Heaven and Earth United Us~as We R accepting this divine ~Gifts~ of I AM~Oneness Love Light Supreme Infinite~The Light of God that Never Fails~in all its forms~We R Forever Flowering.

  4. more Bashar ‘gold’!

  5. thankyou!!!!

  6. Please translate it in polish.

  7. great thx…hehe

  8. Alignment with the true self is the most powerful experience we can have – its amazing the ease and flow of circ**stances that result! Abraham also shares this information – be your self – even Jesus said, Know thyself………….

  9. I think Bashar is awesome, but he could make one of the best William Shatner impersonators ever

  10. Where’s the second part??? 🙂

  11. Wow, he gives such a different enlightening perspective of things…

  12. A million Blessings of Peace, Love and Light to all of Humankind as we progress on the Path of Ascension. Bashar is one most interesting teachers on YouTube today.

  13. which workshop is this from. I want to hear more of it or the rest of this.