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Bashar – Positive Interactions : Bashar channeling : Video
Published on October 7, 2011 – 3:48 pm

This is Bashar channeling

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  2. Wonderful! he really knows how to communicate and to bring clarity

  3. @earthlyinfodotcom Yes, I agree. I don’t care wether he is an alien or not, what he says is useful, alien or no alien. Trust me, Bashar is not the only one delivering this kind of information. His information can also be found in other religions or philosophies.

  4. @wildersara By having a neutral and objective outlook you can see things as they are in reality.

  5. Contrast can always show us what we prefer. Love what is so you can allow what is to to be what you prefer.

  6. @Onetazien I think positive is neutral, as its a productive example to others. wow, that is a pretty car! (excitement) noticing things you prefer…………….

  7. @earthlyinfodotcom yes,this is why i really feel there is legitimacy in what is presented by the Bashar interactions,I have got so much benefit from the messages and nowI really don’t care if he is an inter dimensional being or not,there is a wealth of help in his message,but as for me,i have no problem with him being from another dimension and channeling through a human here, some folks cannot accept that concept so i don’t share Bashar with others unless i am sure they can handle that, thanks.

  8. Thank you for sharing this. The message really gets to the core of how to relate to others in our every day reality. Integrity, staying true to yourself is crucial. Allowing, accepting, with love.

  9. @earthlyinfodotcom

    I totally agree with you

  10. @earthlyinfodotcom To me it is obvious that a non-earthly personality is speaking. I think any competent psychologist ought to recognize the unique type of personality exhibited.

  11. Simple to the point. Thanks for this delivery.

  12. How is it that paid, professional speakers of the highest caliber cannot delivery such messages with such eloquent ease of delivery.. These subjects are not simple, and would be very difficult to explain, even if preparation were to be allowed and yet these answers come immediate and without pause after being asked the question…. To me, this is proof of something legitimate going on in these transmissions.

  13. @1971SuperLead – simple. Love is lack of, or the willing submission of the lower ego for the sake of all that LOVE encompa****, i.e., all of the things you mentioned.