Secrets To Meditation
Best Instructions On How To Meditate Properly : How to Meditate
Published on November 12, 2013 – 3:31 am

So, to start with, let us enlighten ourselves a little bit on principles of meditation as a whole.

Meditation, to a lot of people can mean a lot of different things, based on a lot of different perspectives, based on a lot of different habits and lifestyle. To someone it can be miserable, while some refer it to as a spiritual lesson or perhaps a religious act.

Basically, Meditation is a way to train your mind to focus on whatever you wish to without losing yourself to the noise and myriad distractions around you.
If you perceive meditation to be complicated, it will definitely get more complicated. All you need to do is simply get settled, pick something to focus upon like e.g. your breath. Your breath; thats a great way to start there. Start focusing on your breath; when you think you’re ready for the next steps (don’t worry, there’s hardly few basic steps to meditation) read the easy tips below

It’s OK in the beginning – To be frank, everybody goes through this stage. Our minds are bound to wander. When you first start to try to meditate, you will experience total chaos in your mind and you’ll feel as if all the forces on earth are have gathered to try to prevent you from keeping calm and silent. Don’t be too carried away with it. Speak to your mind, know your heart and come back to the present; present your you’re all ready to meditate.

Pass your thoughts – In the beginning, your thoughts will be all over the place. you might also notice that knowing or unknowingly, you will get swept away by them. Don’t be worried. This is just a part of your meditation. Everybody faces such hurdles in the beginning stages of meditation. But there’s always one thing you can do; you can realize what get yourself back to what you were doing in the beginning. Whenever you are wandered away, keep doing the same. It’s your way towards a better meditation.

Correct Posture – Maintaining a good posture for your meditation is very important. When you’re sitting, make sure your spines are straight so that you can realize the energy in your body flowing. Being able to maintain a good posture is as good as halfway through the process.

Slow & Steady progress – You must have heard of the Rabbit and Tortoise race. That’s right! Everybody’s heard it. But that’s what it is with meditation as well. Learning to meditate is not a race, not at all. Still doubtful? OK tell me who you’re racing against? Exactly! None. Meditation is all about enjoying the process, not worrying about whether you will be able to learn or not? If so, when? All these things should be avoided while you meditate. Be as free and open as possible (in terms of mind and thinking) when you’re meditating.

Soulful Music – Listening to relaxing and soothing music can also help you in meditation. When choosing which songs (or the type of songs) you must decide on songs with which you are comfortable with the most. If music enhances your power to concentrate, you must use it.

Meditation Books – Meditation books and various meditation guidance material are also available in the market. Being a general person and providing a general point of view, meditation books are quite helpful. Reading them always takes you way back into the meditation state of mind. Getting guidance from the following meditation books can be really helpful especially for beginners.

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