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Breath & Yoga?s Juxtaposition
Published on May 15, 2013 – 11:10 pm

Yoga cannot be completed without breathing. The moves of this exercise are completed only with the proper breathing techniques. If you do not have proper breathing techniques and do not know how to control your breath you will not be able to benefit from yoga. Although it might sound complicated but it is not complicated. Different styles of yoga need different breathing techniques. These techniques are not complicated but the outcome of mere breathing control techniques. The breathing style reflects the need or aim of your exercise. If you completely wish to relax yourself, then it should be seen in your breathing style as well.

Relaxation through yoga and breathing matching this need means deep calm breaths that slow down the heart beats and help you relax your body completely. If you too practice this exercise and wish to benefit from it completely follow the suggestions given below which help you to maintain sync between the poses and breathing style. These suggestions would help you concentrate on your breath and understand how it affects the exercise. You would realize the difference yourself and understand the importance of breathing techniques in this form of exercise.

Suggestions for breathing while yoga:

You breath from your diaphragm. While exercise or in general, you breath from your diaphragm. When you inhale, the stomach is pulled inwards. This is because the diaphragm of your body inhales water. When your exhale, the diaphragm of your body releases the air and the stomach is also released. This makes it important that while breathing your stomach should move inwards and outwards and not halt or get stiff at any point.
To get completely relaxed while a relaxation session, all the muscles from your face to the chest should be relaxed. You can clench your muscles a little before if you are unable to relax it completely. When you clench only then you realize that your muscles re actually stiff.
Controlling your breath does not mean that you get conscious and disturb the natural rate of your breath. Every person has his or her breathing rate which should not be interfered. It is about being relaxed so you should breath the way you do.
Fast and excitedly breathing continuously reflects stress. When you are in stress, close your eyes for a moment and take deep calm breaths. This helps you relax.

Thus, to benefit from yoga, learn to control your breath and learn a few breathing techniques.

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