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Buddhist Jewelry As Reminders To Buddhist Insight : buddhist meditation
Published on August 11, 2013 – 5:10 pm

One of the secrets to a content and happy life is, according to Buddhism, perfect balancethe point wherein one becomes awakened or enlightened to the truths of the universe and the interconnectedness of the world. This balance is said to come from having a peaceful and calm mind and soul, both of which can be achieved through a moral life, prayer, meditation and detachment. It is these ideals that Buddhist jewelry seek to remind believer and followers everyday.

The Buddha and The Middle Way
The Buddha realized the tenets and beliefs of Buddhism around 490BC. Born Siddhartha Gautama to royalty, Buddha lived an extravagant, young life. That is, until he chanced upon the suffering and sickness of the world outside the sheltered life he led. This prodded him to forego his riches and his extravagance to follow an ascetic life. Soon, he realized that to be free from suffering, one must pursue what is known as the Middle Waythe perfect balance between poverty and luxury and between negative and positive poles.
The Middle Way also means a lot of other thingsit signifies not being perturbed or affected by extreme anger or extreme joy. It also means looking at everything from all sides and not being biased when making judgments. The Middle Way, in a sense, is also taught as being detached from worldly views and ways, such as money, material things, negative thoughts, excess and power. It does not, however, mean being detached from humanity. If anything else, Buddhism teaches everyone to love one another, the universe and nature, and to live compassionate and benevolent lives.
Buddhist Jewelry and Awakening
Because of the word “detachment” being used often in Buddhist teachings, some people might think that there is a conflict between The Middle Way and the wearing of Buddhist jewelry. One might ask himself: “How can I be following The Buddha by wearing something with material value?”
Buddhist jewelry, it must be understood, should not be seen as just “valuable jewelry” or just a ring, a bracelet or a pendant. One should see Buddhist jewelry as staunch reminders of the teachings and ideals of Buddhism and The Middle Way. You don’t wear Buddhist jewelry just to enhance your outfit or to show off your new ring. These special pieces of jewelry should be worn to keep the teachings of harmony, balance, enlightenment and detachment close to one’s heart and soul. A lotus ring, for instance, can remind you of how the lotus flower signifies unfolding, awakening and, at the same time, being rooted to the ground.
Another fine example of Buddhist jewelry filled with meaning is the Dharma pendant, an intricately carved pendant that features the Sacred Fig Leaf and the Dharma Wheel, which symbolize the path, or The Middle Way, to awakening and freedom from suffering.
Buddhist jewelry can also come in the form of rings. In the same way wedding rings are used to remind couples of their sacred vows of loyalty and love, Buddhist jewelry rings remind wearers to be loyal to the teachings of Buddhism. The Happiness Ring, for instance, is engraved with the words “This will also change” in Hebrew. It reminds the wearer of the fleetingness of life and how the only permanent thing in the world is change.
Through following The Middle Way and the teachings of The Buddha, and with the help of Buddhist Jewelry like the Dharma pendant and Happiness Ring, we can all find our way to happiness, peace, love and perfect balance.

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