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Buddhist Meditation: Lurking in Dark Blindness: Charlatan Buddhas
Published on May 8, 2013 – 2:15 am

Buddhist Meditation: Lurking in Dark Blindness: Charlatan Buddhas


Buddhism claims enlightenment and illumination for its follower. It looks into the universe and inner self of the human being but understands nothing and comprehends nothing. It does not unveil the reason of our being, the reason of the universe and the ultimate reason for meditation.

Buddhists claim to look for truth. It purports for self-knowledge but blinds itself to the most real in the reality itself :God.

Buddhas, all these charlatans Buddhas have nothing understood, nothing comprehended, nothing seized, after all their efforts for meditation, they have missed on the most obvious truth: God.

Buddhists claim for the ‘destruction of selfish egotism’, but achieved nothing but immersed in their most egoist selfishness.

They aimed to depart from themselves and deny themselves to achieve absolute tranquility of the soul but they never departed from their own selves.

On the contrary they enhanced their egoist selfishness and strengthened their feelings of selfness. There is nothing more self centered than Buddhist meditation. Centering on point-object leads ultimately to center on ones’ own being for denying God means remaining in one’s own circle.

Denying God means centering on one’s own self as a God.

By denying God as they were instructed by their masters the charlatan Buddhas, Buddhists lurk in absolute darkness of their own cave of ignorance.

They cannot possibly be released and feed from their own prisons and achieve transcendence for they keep within their own selves.

How can a Buddhist be freed from his own cave if he cannot even acknowledge God, his creator and the creator of all his masters the blind Buddhas? How can Buddhists see into the universe while they are blind to God the creator? How can Buddhists look into themselves and no acknowledge their creator? What farce? What irony to take Buddha as a God while Buddha himself has denied God?

They make for Buddha shrines and temples, offerings on his altars, invoke his mercy and guidance, his help and assistance.

But they erect statues of stones that cannot speak to them, they cannot hear them and do not see them, and lesser still can answer their wishes and hopes.

How blind Buddhists are to look into the universe and not see God? They are not only blind and but are in utter ignorance of the cause creator of their object of meditation: the universe and themselves.

How can they be enlightened and awakened while they miss the light and guidance in their absolute un perishable forms God All Mighty?

But Buddhas in their darkness they lurk and so their followers, blind, ignorant souls of evil. ~ In this short teaching, Tibetan Buddhist meditation master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche discusses the essence of meditation, and how learn…

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