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Deep Zen Meditation – Harness Emotions
Published on June 6, 2013 – 8:09 am

I’ve discussed the relationship of physical well being and mental well being to Deep Zen Meditation. Last, I want to discuss how meditation can control your emotions.

What the heck are emotions and how can meditation control your emotions?

In simplest terms, emotions are strong feelings that result in a behavior change.

How many times have we been in a situation where our emotions control us and we do something totally irrational? Examples that I can think of are athletes, coaches, and fans. Oh, and the classic example is the out-of-control hockey mom.

After the moment is over, how many times do we wish we reacted differently to the situation. Almost all the time regret sets in and we are left with the embarrassment and the consequences of the out-of-control moment.

On the other hand, it is a thing of beauty to watch someone handle a difficult situation with their emotions totally in control. I think about coaches and players that are interviewed after a losing effort.

So I ask myself, why does one person act calm and cool, and another person spiral out-of-control?

I know it must have something to do with controlling your emotions and I know meditation can control a number of mental and physical processes. Therefore, it makes sense to me that Deep Zen Meditation can have an impact on controlling your emotions.

How does one go about meditating to control emotions? Is there a special way to meditate to that will control emotions? Is there a way to turn emotions on and off effectively through meditation?

Meditation is really an experiment with your brain. It sharpens your will power, focus, and reactions.

These benefits have a direct correlation to controlling your emotion.

Let your mind wander for a minute and ask yourself what life would be like if I could control my emotions during highly charged events? Or even this, how would your life be different today had you been able to control your emotions in the past.

Deep Zen Meditation interjects discipline into our emotional process. It gives you the ability to turn emotions on and off. If meditation can do that, essentially we have controlled our emotions.

Deep Zen Meditation is a great way to refresh our bodies and minds.By using your imagination, you can meditate anywhere. For more information about Deep Zen Meditation, click on the links here.

Dave Leffler

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