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Grounding Meditation – Your Connection to Mother Nature
Published on September 30, 2011 – 9:06 am

Article by Richard M. Frost

When people first start meditating with brainwave entrainment audio, 1 of the decisions they need to have to make is which brainwave frequencies they want to target. Some people, in a quest for comprehensive inner expertise, want to try them all – like a greedy guest at a wedding smorgasbord. Of training course, the passage of time will normally permit you to savor a lot more meditative delicacies, and you will get more reward from the expertise if you will not force your mind to do also a lot at the moment. So in the beginning, you need to have to assume very carefully about what your requirements really are. In this report, we’ll look at a quite specific brainwave pattern from which everybody can advantage.

Floor Oneself to the Earth at the Alpha-Theta Boundary

The Alpha-Theta boundary should be the concentrate of a lot of your meditation. This intriguing area moyen an essential diploma of aware consciousness with entry into the vast understanding and creativeness of the unconscious thoughts. Not remarkably, it is prized by individuals who want to knowledge lucid dreaming – the capability to both immediate and star in one’s own, limitless, interior motion pictures. But for our applications right here, the location is of main interest for the link it gives to the earth itself.

At a frequency of 7.83Hz, we find the major Schumann Resonance – the resonant frequency of the earth and the ionosphere. Initial examined by the Croatian electrical pioneer and inventor, Nikola Tesla, these waves of immense size and amplitude are set up by electrical storms in the cavity among the earth’s surface area and the internal layer of the ionosphere (the part of the atmosphere that protects earth from damaging solar radiation). They penetrate the earth by itself and circ**navigate the globe, and constitute an electromagnetic track record towards which all daily life on earth advanced.

The influence of Schumann Resonances on human beings and animals has not been studied nearly sufficient, but a few experiments involving isolation from all electromagnetic radiation have shown that the body’s natural rhythms and processes start to go haywire with out exposure to these frequencies. Equally, problems skilled by the first cosmonauts led to the installation of devices on spacecraft that would produce Schumann Resonances. Electrical processes inside of our cells expect to hear Mother Nature in the qualifications, and, like a child severed from the umbilical cord, eliminate an essential connection when her song can no longer be heard.

Do We Want Brainwave Entrainment When the Resonance Happens Naturally?

Indeed, we do. The modern world, polluted in so several techniques as it is, has also introduced pollution of the electromagnetic spectrum with all way of units, especially cell phones. The Schumann Resonance was often difficult to detect – it was not appropriately separated from track record noise until the 1960s – and is turning into tougher to “hear” in opposition to mankind’s raucous, synthetic din. Several experts be concerned that we are damaging an invisible internet that binds all life with each other, but their issues are falling on deaf ears.

To add insult to harm, pollution of the electromagnetic spectrum is only 1 of the threats to our link to Mother Naturel. The U.S. has started experimenting with the ionosphere alone, for reasons that are shrouded in military secrecy. To learn much more about this risk, go to Schumann Resonance.

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