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Have a sweet night sleep with proper sleep meditation : sleep meditation
Published on September 1, 2013 – 5:30 am

Do you toss and turn on your bed and wish that you could get some nice sleep? Do you fail to have a sound sleep inspite of being dead tired? These are some very common but alarming problems that people are facing nowadays. With fast paced life and rapid changes in lifestyle, sleeping patterns are being affected badly. Sleep meditation is a good way of combating this issue. Apart from that, there are many meditation techniques for stress that will help you relieve tension and have a nice night’s sleep.

Stress and tension has become a part and parcel of life. There is stress related to work, home, family, children, personal and many more. Doctors and psychologists have agreed to the fact that keeping stress under control during the day helps to sleep better at night. If you cannot do that, sleep meditation is the thing you can practice and get instant results. Like many other meditation techniques for stress, sleep meditation also helps to relieve excess stress and helps you to sleep properly. Some of the stress relieving techniques can also be practiced at work itself.

There are certain things you must keep in mind regarding meditation. It is applicable to the various meditation techniques for stress as well as for sleep meditation. These are the basic requirements to start a meditation. First and foremost, you must have a comfortable position while meditating. Meditation does not require sitting at a particular place, you can meditate while taking a walk too, but the position has to be correct. The environment should be calm and quiet so that you are not distracted and can relax. There should be a point of focus on which you can point all your concentration and an uncritical attitude.

Some of the most common ways of sleep meditation and meditation techniques for stress are as follows:

Guided imagery – This is a great sleep meditation technique. You just need to focus your concentration on the image of your choice, it can be anything that relaxes your mind and brings a sense of tranquility to your soul. You can think of beautiful places, food stuffs that you love, or of a dream vacation. Think of something that makes you happy.
Abdominal breathing – Abdominal breathing is an integral part of meditation techniques for stress as well as for sleep meditation. In this you need to breathe from your abdomen and pay full attention to breathes. Your entire focus should be on the breathing in and breathing out. This can be practiced anywhere, anytime to relieve stress and tension.
Mindful meditation – This is a great way of combating stress and calls for a peaceful night’s sleep. The main mantra of mindful meditation is that you have to think of letting thoughts go that are a very important part of your life. It is only then that you can relax. Just concentrate on a single issue at a time and then let it go. Many people also prefer to note down things in diaries or maintain personal blogs. This is a wonderful meditation techniques for stress for stress and sleep meditation.

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