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How to Meditate – An Introduction : How to Meditate
Published on July 19, 2013 – 9:41 am

The ability to meditate brings with it a number of helpful benefits. When you are able to perform proper meditation, you can develop a sense of calmness, relaxation, and an overall positive outlook. However, such benefits are only going to be possible if you truly understand the proper aesthetics of how to perform meditation. The process if not complicated but it does entail a few steps needed to ensure you get the most out of it. For those wondering how the process should be performed, here are a few helpful tips:

You will need a quiet room in which you can meditate in peace and quiet. The entire purpose of meditation is to develop a sense of a calm mind. Being disturbed or distracted while meditating is not going to help the cause. This is why it is a must to locate an area in which you can effectively perform your meditation without interruption.

Comfort must be taken into consideration when you decide you wish to perform meditation. If your legs start to feel cramps and aches or you need to perpetually adjust yourself, you will end up breaking your concentration repeatedly. This is certainly not going to be a good thing which is why you will need to purchase a decent quality pillow or mat. These items allow you to rest upon them comfortably as you venture into a meditative state.

This brings us to our next point. You want to be comfortable but not too comfortable. That is why it is best to get into the classic zazen position with crossed legs and folded hands when you meditate. It is this posture that helps facilitate the best results because it is designed to facilitate proper comfort. Comfort is not just about feeling good. It is also about being able to calm the mind which is an absolute must if you hope to achieve the desired outcome.

Some may wish to burn incense when they perform a meditation session.

This can be considered a problem for some because they do not like to inhale the “second hand smoke” incense creates. Honestly, you could effectively perform your session without the incense but it does add to the ambiance of the practice. As such, it may help you achieve what is desired from your session.

Adding meditative music to the equation is another plus. While it is certainly good to drift away in a quiet room, quiet does not necessarily refer to dead silence. There are a number of outstanding Zen music selections that might prove quite helpful to get into the proper mindset for their session. Some of it can even be found free on websites on the internet. Playing such music during your session may prove to be more helpful than you would initially be led to believe.

And, most importantly, when you enter into your meditative state, you will need to calm and empty your mind. When distracting thoughts impede your mind, you will find the ability to meditate is undermined. Putting forth a deliberative effort to calm your mind will most definitely help your ability to perform meditation properly.

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