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Inside Review – Stress Relief Management
Published on September 27, 2013 – 6:30 pm

I really enjoyed reading this book as it has helped me better understand the situations in my day to day life. I currently have been going through some rough times with my marriage as well as my work. I now realize that those rough times are not as rough as I thought they were. Nothing really comes easy in life and this book certainly is not a ” this will fix everything book” , However it did help me stop and realize what is important to me and made me stop worrying about all the little stuff that I had no control over in the first place.

The beginning of the book is about stress in general. What is stress and most importantly what causes it. I have to admit that there were some things that I was blind to that I didn’t even realize was causing me stress or anxiety.

I think there are many different levels of stress that we go through. For me, and it goes through this in the book, I would tend to eat and over eat when I become really stressed. As you can imagine this caused an even bigger problem. Now my clothes started to not fit, my husband would make these little “fat” comments and one day I had one of my co-workers come up to me and ask if I were pregnant.

The book actually helped me realize the things that were causing me the most stress. Once identified I then started doing the simple things the book recommended to decrease my stress level. The “BEST” thing I did was to take a little bit of time for me ( which I did not have ) and started actually going to the gym 3 days a week. Now don’t get the wrong idea and think its some kind of “weight loss” or “how to get 6 pack abs” book because that it’s not. It simple explained that increasing exercise was one of the best things you could do to relieve stress.

Another important thing I got out of this book was to take myself out of the stressful situations as much as I could.

This was really helpful for work. There were a couple of people at my work that I simply did not like. Easy enough I started scheduling myself away from those people as much as possible. I am lucky enough that if a project come about and one of those “un-liked persons” were involved I could delegate the task to someone else, whereas before I would tend to do it myself. This was very soothing and rewarding to me !!

My conclusion is this EBook was worth every penny and more. Although I am not stress free I feel that I am back to my old self again. I look at a lot of things differently now and I am much happier in my marriage. Do yourself a favor sit down one evening alone and read the entire book. Then read it again as needed. I actually broke it down, took notes and wrote things in my life that were relevant to what the book was explaining at the time.

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