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Just Why is Music Used in Meditation? : meditation music
Published on September 5, 2013 – 1:31 pm

Have you ever wondered why is music used in meditation? There are numerous levels of a meditative state that people can place themselves in. Over 90% of these individuals who use meditation, will in fact use music to calm their nerves and to lower their stress while meditating. In fact, soft and somber music has proven effective in lowering a persons blood pressure and allowing them to relax easier.

The idea behind music during meditation is to calm a persons nerves and to allow them to focus on the music so that they can let the stresses and worries of the day pass away. Additionally, music can be used to drown out background noise. In fact, background noise is the leading reason why people have problems meditating.

If there are sounds of traffic or even verbal forms of communication going on behind the scenes in a persons meditation area, they may never be able to achieve maximum meditation. However, if a person trains themselves to use music as a relaxing tool, and learns how to actually ignore the music, they can enter a meditative state much easier than a person who does not use music.

In fact, many people find it hard to concentrate when they are surrounded by silence. Therefore, the introduction of music into a meditation session can do wonders. It can in fact increase the chances of a person reaching the meditative state that they desire.

Why is music used in meditation? It is used to drown out background noise and to assist a person when they are attempting to reach a high level of meditation. In fact, even in ancient times when meditation was first used, people would hire musicians to play tunes while they chanted and carried out their meditation techniques.

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