Secrets To Meditation
Lex Van Someren – Aum 2 (Music For Meditation) : Meditation Music : Video
Published on December 9, 2012 – 2:45 am

Meditation Music : “Most of his songs are without recognisable text, as it is his intention to transcend the limitation of speech. Instead he sings without a specific language, using only melodic syllables which remove the distraction of the mind and empower the audience to listen with the heart. Lex call this creative expression of moving spirit “his soul language.”” “Many people who have experienced Lex on stage call him a shaman artist of the West. With his voice, his music and his presence as a performance artist and teacher he opens a space for the dimensions of the soul (soul-presence) enabling profound healing- and transformation processes.” “Lex van Someren’s clowning is far removed from traditional slapstick routines. It explores the essence, the Tao, of clowning. He invites us on a journey to the mystic clown within.”

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