Secrets To Meditation
Love and Meditation are Interlinked
Published on September 28, 2013 – 7:34 am

Love is like a fountain that takes birth in heart and then its water pours out to heal and support you. Meditation helps to initiate the feeling of love and once that happens then people can overcome all distress, disease and regain health and happiness. It is very pure form of love that comes from meditation – unconditional and selfless. This is also the first step toward spirituality.

Meditation helps people to focus on themselves and invoke within them the feeling of love and forgiveness. When love emanates, the capacity to forgive also comes along. Then people can really start sifting the coarse elements from their mind, relieving themselves from harsh feeling and bad experiences. What follows thereon is a deep-seated respect for oneself and also for others.

Practicing meditation annihilates negative thoughts and when negatives thoughts die, the fountain of love springs up. It then douses all bad feelings and elevates the spirit for good cause. This obviously brings success, fame and joy in one’s life. Good thoughts definitely have a greater role to play in one’s life as thoughts live and take shapes. Love is the origin of good feelings that is unconditional and unrestrained. So, meditation gives birth to love and love brings in good thoughts and good thoughts help making a fine person.

So, when love takes root it makes a perfect individual having the qualities to face any situation undeterred and unaltered. A person gains confidence and can shower his blissfulness on others too. They can trust themselves and also help build trust in others. It helps one to live a better life, overcome problems, cure diseases and better manage their own life.

It takes many sessions of meditation to truly feel and understand the significance and meaning of love.

When one meditates on love it finds expression in the heart and the fountain springs up. It brings an everlasting joy and the strength to overcome fear. Through it also emerges the consciousness of God and life becomes meaningful.

This form of meditation can be started any time by quietly loving yourself first. Then this practice can be continued with deeper meditation. It will result in emergence of the love-fountain and will heal people of all their ailments.

Meditation helps to unlock the love melodrama and then the person gains the power to feel intensely for everyone, appreciate nature and do things that he found to be impossible earlier. It leads to an outburst of success, joy, empathy and good feelings.

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