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Meditation Centres in India
Published on September 8, 2013 – 6:30 am

Meditation is the process of watching, witnessing and observing without any judgement or any evaluation.
It is an art of paying concentration on an object or thought which helps in unfolding the finer aspects and the true knowledge. This helps us in having complete control of mind, which generates immense flow of energy and knowledge.

Etymologically meditation is a Latin word which derived from two words meditari meaning to think the mind and mederi to heal. And in Sanskrit, this word means wisdom. Meditation is the state of consciousness, which gives us power to analyse our thoughts and set our mind free from undesirable thoughts. This also benefits us in reducing our mental stress, anxiety, controlling our emotion and reaction.

It is well-known that the human mind possesses an unlimited potential which can be effectively and efficiently used when it is well controlled and positively directed. Meditation is the only way which makes us analytical and empowered us to eliminate negative thoughts in order to develop sharp focus on higher level of ourselves. The process of meditation gradually takes us to the state of enlightenment and widens our mental horizon to work without stress in circ**stances.

It is very difficult to trace out the origin of meditation but historical evidence reveals that it is 5,000 years old. Initially, this practice of mental, spiritual and physical awareness was limited to religious preachers and practitioners who used to meditate of several religious thoughts. All the major religion of the world like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christian and Islam highlighted the benefits of meditation and its process. Although the different religions gave birth to different meditative practice but the genesis of this process remains the same that is self awakening.

In earlier days the knowledge of meditation was handed down disciple from their guru after long penances. But in the 14th century the great Saint Gyaneshwara of Central India doc**ented the principles, techniques and benefits of meditation in Sanskrit language after taking permission from his guru. It was the first written doc**ent on meditation, which was later translated in several languages and made available to ma****.

Some of the prime benefits of meditation are
• Improves psychic abilities
• Gives the feeling of empowerment
• Deeper understanding of life
• Reduces anxiety and stress
• Helps in post-operative healing
• Improve in concentration power
• Develops clarity in thinking and reasoning ability
• Provides emotional stability

There are number of meditation centres in India managed by spiritual gurus who impart the knowledge, techniques and benefits of meditation through several courses and cla****. Large number of people comes to these centres to learn this art of living, which helps them in understanding life and its purposes. The Indian meditation centres are renowned across the globe for their facilities and learning courses, which calls on scores of visitors from across the world.

Meditation Centres in India are recognised worldwide to learn the art of meditation. These centres are governed by spiritual gurus who are well versed in this field. It is the most favoured place to know about meditation and their benefits.

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