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Published on October 19, 2013 – 11:31 pm

A person looking to enroll in some meditation course in India wouldn’t find it difficult to come across a suitable ashram or institution. It is very interesting to note how organizations offering meditation courses are mushrooming everyday. But it will be even more interesting to see how the modern meditation courses owe their lineage to the ancient Indian tradition of Yoga propounded by Patanjali. Though the meditation courses available today follow different objectives and procedures, the bottom-line has remained the same – experiencing the peace of mind by neutralizing and de-stressing your psyche.

Despite the fact that today’s meditation courses are chiefly focused on overcoming psycho-pathological issues, meditation has not become devoid of spiritualism. In fact, almost all the meditation courses offered in India use religious incantations.

Meditation courses in India: In India there are numbers of religious and non-religious authorities and ashrams that offer meditation courses, workshops and meditation retreats. Some of the well-known ashrams offering meditation courses in India are located in Varanasi, Rishikesh, Nashik and Haridwar. Meditation retreats available in these religious centers are unique because they blend the philosophy of an old hermetic culture and modern psychological theories. As a result, a meditation retreats or meditation courses offered by these institutions enable one to achieve a mentally and physically healthier life and enjoy peace of mind. These courses are not like the commercialized the packages promising impractical benefits. Moreover, these meditation courses in India merge the Buddhist and Jainist principles of pan-theism, a living force of the universe, which people can know only by de-conditioning and centralizing the mind.

In fact, meaningful and well-designed meditation courses are available in all parts of India.

For example, in western India meditation courses are available in Nagpur, Kolhapur, Ahmadabad, Jaipur etc. A person looking for a meditation course or retreat in south India can head towards Chennai, Bangalore or Nagarjuna sagar etc.

Meditation, a science of transcendence: It is true that today meditation is not all about religious incantation and concentration – it a relaxation of the mind and to some extend of the soul. It is about how the learners can experience truth, gain mental peace and achieve a state of mind which positively impacts their routine activity. That is why meditation courses in India and abroad hugely draw on current psychoanalytic theories to ensure that the learner make the most of the course.

These scientific approaches seek to bring change in the usual way a mind operates. For example, the learners of the some of the meditation courses in India are taught to realize their deeper self by negating their attachment to material pleasure. For instance, they are made to observe silence and believe that there is nothing that they really needs except joy which can come with simple things of life. Through practice, suddenly everything becomes pleasurable – the simple act of walking and breathing, the breeze producing a soft murmuring sound in the trees, the rising of the sun – everything becomes a source of unadulterated joy. Thus the experiential reality becomes something different from what one perceives around. They transcend the reality.

Most of the meditation courses in India emphasize on this transcendental philosophy. One such meditation course is the Z Meditation Retreat modeled on the teachings of Ajay Kapoor and it offers measurable benefits. If you are interested in experiencing joy and getting closer to the inner reality, enroll today for a meditation courses in India. Z Meditation is based on Deep Deconditioning Inquiry and is a rational method to get rid of preposterous notions from the mind in order to attain peace and freedom.

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