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Meditation with the Help of Healing Sounds
Published on October 19, 2013 – 10:33 am

Some people may think that in this era of hi-technology, meditation and mysticism are no longer as interesting as these were before. The truth, however, it is precisely because of technology that meditation has become far more important.

The noise and clutter of the busy world, much of it brought by the technological advancement, have caused tired bodies and the loss of peace of mind. These situations have made people find some time off from dealing with the fast-paced life and experience inner peace. This can only be done through meditation.

Nevertheless, to meditate or turn one’s back on the noisy world can be truly difficult. In order to succeed in this respect, there are certain guides and aids that may be necessary. Such is the role of singing bowls. These nice-looking bowls may impress anyone as great decorative pieces. However, these definitely do more than just satisfy the eyes.

Such bowls actually satisfy the ears and, more importantly, the soul. Through slowly striking the bowls, soft sounds are produced that when combined makes music that calms the spirit and has an effect in the environment that makes it conducive for meditation. These singing bowls as a matter of fact were able to serve a lot os ascetic people in numerous countries around the Far East.

Others may rely on some forms of modern music as they try to meditate. They get digital copies of new age music and then put on their electronic audio players to listen to these. However, they may be able to avoid thinking that even their meditation is realized by things that may have caused much of their stress.

The real meditation only means definitely leaving modern life’s clutter and enjoying the silence of the much simpler past.

Quartz crystal singing bowls are the very symbols of the simpler and less stressful past. Listening their unadulterated and non-electronic sounds provide one with an escape from the modern, noisy, and consumer-driven world.

Playing quartz crystal singing bowls is by itself a great way to relieve oneself of stress. It is not just the sound or music produced that resonates with calming effect. It is that part of making these bowls sing that allows you to release all the tension from the body and mind.

This is one reason for such items to become great instruments to use while you meditate. If one needs to escape the dim realities in life even for a minute only to rejuvenate the self, these bowls truly serve as escape routes.

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