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Natural Stress Relief Tips : stress relief
Published on July 31, 2013 – 11:11 am

Yogurt is available in every kitchen. But no one knows that they are very effective in reducing your stress levels. This is best for all types of stress and strain. It will act as cooling agent for both your body and mind. It helps in getting quick relief from the stress.
You can also use dried sage leaves to make a tea. You can also sweeten the tea with honey if required. This is also yet another natural remedy for curing stress.
By- product of sugar known as blackstrap is also good in reducing your stress. They are rich source of iron and vitamin B.
Sunflower seeds also assist in alleviating the stress levels.
The holy basil leaves are good for getting rid of the stress and strain. They are 100% natural and provide good results after use.
You can also take a shower when you feel anxious. This will help in reducing your tension.
Quick walking is yet another effective way to get rid of the stress. Yoga and meditation can also be practiced to get rid of the anxiety and excess tension.
You can also to shun the smoking habit completely. this will give a complete cure from the stress.
Vitamin C is helps in getting rid of the stress. You can eat more of citrus fruits like orange and lemon to get vitamin c.
You can also try drinking a hot coffee with cinnamon. This will make you relaxed and reduce your stress.
The above mentioned steps will help you to get rid of the stress and strain.

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