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Preview of Interview with Darryl Anka on channeling Bashar : Bashar channeling : Video
Published on October 31, 2011 – 1:44 pm

This is Bashar channeling

Darryl Anka channels the entity identified as Bashar after his personalized activities with a UFO. In this interview, we chat to Darryl about his function and what the messages mean to our species in these instances. For the complete interview, go to www.cmn.television and use our Free Pass.

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  1. Bashar – Appreciate Existence! You Exist!


    feel how good it is to be here!

  2. ^_^ i too strive to be the change i wish to see in this world and i am glad you strive for that same purpose ^_^ i and about 15 others feed about 5000 a month out of a food pantry (liberty city disaster relief- we have solid proof 🙂 come visit some time) (& Thank God!!) we also clothe others 🙂 (whoever needs clothes) so i feel we are doing our part on this end.. Jesus was a perfect example of the selflessness this world lacks. i aim not to serve my desires, i aim to serve The Creator :]

  3. Great video!