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Reiki Hands Positioning for self healing : Reiki : Video
Published on November 27, 2012 – 3:43 am

Reiki :

Reiki hands positioning for self-healing Well done YouTube I am now able to upload the full video instead of having to split it into two parts. 🙂 This easy to follow video will help you align with the Creator within you and help release the healing energy that has always been yours to enjoy. Our blue print is to be healthy, happy and productive and fulfilled. The insane programs that we experience during our formative times cause us to be derailed and sabotaged. Contrary to what the merchants of Reiki will tell you because of greed for money and power, The healing energy of the Creator is within you and has always been there. If you wish to learn more about self-healing and healing others and right living and evolution visit Whatever I do will be offered in the same way as it was received, freely, with love and no hidden agendas.

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