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Reiki Powerful Distant Healing : Reiki : Video
Published on February 1, 2013 – 10:43 pm

Reiki :

Namaste’… My name is Eva/ Ladyhawk of Ladyhawk Reiki. This is a Powerful Reiki Distant Healing session This is NOT a trick video, it is a 100% Real Reiki Distant Healing Session. Thank you ALL for the beautiful comments I received both in email and on youtube for making this video. A jealous Reiki person forced me to switch the audio but it is still the most popular video on youtube for Reiki. I made this video after doing research on my own hands by taking scans them both before and after doing Reiki and after doing the Reiki you can see the noted lighter areas in my palms and fingers in the after photo. Then I turned all jpg pics into a video. I offer Reiki Sessions from my website And I offer *Free* online Reiki training to Master level cla**** with all manuals uploaded at my Reiki yahoo group located at http Blessings of love and light to you all! Eva Wright/ Ladyhawk Reiki
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