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Relaxing Music, Meditation Music, Sleep Music (Still Waters) : Meditation Music : Video
Published on February 27, 2013 – 2:52 pm

Meditation Music :

This is a longer extended loop version of the single Still Waters. Ideal for creating a meditative relaxing state, inducing sleep and / or increasing concentration for focused activities such as study. Enjoy. This music can cause deep relaxation and / or drowsiness. Please do not listen to it whist driving any vehicle, operating machinery or being in a place where this relaxing state may cause you harm, many thanks. Thank you to all those that listen and share my music, thank you for your support. This music track is original and the sole property of Alex Bett. Image courtesy of entspannende Musik, आराम संगीत, ontspannende muziek, música relajante, avkopplande musik, musica rilassante, nyugtató zene, rahatlatıcı müzik, الاسترخاء والموسيقى, 音楽をリラックス, 輕鬆的音樂, musique relaxante, ผ่อนคลายเพลง, χαλαρωτική μουσική, muzica de relaxare, muzik santai, Meditationsmusik, 冥想音樂, meditatie muziek, musique de méditation, μουσική διαλογισμού, ध्यान संगीत, meditációs zene, meditasi musik, meditazione musica, meditatie muziek, 瞑想音楽, muzik meditasi, música de meditação, meditație muzică, meditación música, meditation musik, เพลงการทำสมาธิ, التأمل الموسيقى, 睡眠音樂, Sleep Music, dormir musique, schlafen Musik, ύπνο μουσική, संगीत सो, aludni zene, tidur musik, dormire musica, 音楽を眠る, tidur muzik, dormir música, dorm muzică, dormir música, sömn musik, นอนฟังเพลง, müzik uyku, النوم الموسيقى

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