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Self Awareness 91 Forgiving : Forgiveness meditation
Published on April 6, 2013 – 2:28 pm

Self Awareness Course 91 – Forgiving

One of the greatest lessons and techniques that my Swamiji Vethathiri Maharishi taught me and us was to learn to forgive, the importance of forgiving. So at the end of each meditation, I’d like to invite you to think about somebody that you are angry with. It could be from a recent past or your childhood — whatever seems to be most active in your consciousness of later. And if you have a picture, put them on your altar. And after each meditation, just send a blessing. Even if you don’t think you can, call upon a higher power. Ask God to come and help you to forgive.

But the consistency of everyday forgiving, forgiving, forgiving, maybe you only forgive 1% or 2% in the first few times. But if you get it habit, you keep adding on that intention of forgiveness, more and more love starts like a crack that widens.

You start opening up and letting more light into your own heart and dissolving that pain. So I’d like to invite you to breath in right now, think of some — close your eyes and think of somebody that you maybe or angry with or need to forgive, whoever that is and just forgive them. Picture them in your mind and forgive them. And if you don’t have a picture, you can just write their name out. Then practice this until you really feel unconditional love because that’s the key to knowing God and knowing yourself and to knowing that love.

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Steven S. Sadleir is director of the Self Awareness Institute, meditation Master from two lineages in India, including Shaktipat and Kundalini, host of Enlightenment Radio, and best-selling author, including “Looking for God” a compendium of all the religions and spiritual paths of the world, all dedicated to spiritual enlightenment.

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