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Sleep Meditation Techniques to Bring Back a Good Night?s Sleep : sleep meditation
Published on November 5, 2013 – 2:31 am

“Sleep sweet sleep”- we all know that sleep is one the foremost important thing to keep our body in healthy condition. Yes, a night without sleep can cause irritation for the next 24 hours. In today’s busy work schedules people are becoming restless and the only savior for them is a good night’s sleep for at least 6-7 hours per day. But, if you are lacking in it, then you must go for sleep meditation. Yes, meditation techniques can help you to get sweet sleep to get you back to the healthy and energetic life.

You all might know why sleep is important, but people in their busy schedule, late night parties, over night jobs are forgetting its importance. Let me remind you of its necessity for one more time to awake your conscience before introducing you to the meditation techniques.

Why sleep is important?
Human body unlike a machine cannot work at a stretch for 24 hours. The systems inside the body need rest and it is only possible during sleep time. We all know that the amount of food we have is burnt for releasing energy depending on which human body works. During breathing body continue to burn these absorbed foods and when you work, the burning process becomes faster. So, to keep your body in fit condition, you need to preserve some energy. This can only happen during sleep time.

Following sleep meditation, one can get adequate amount of soundless sleep which is essential for a refreshing start for a day and offering energetic approach to every sphere of life.

If you are lacking in sleep, it can be an effect of restlessness, anxiety, irritation, mental pressure, lack of concentration and mental peace.

You can escape these troubles through meditation.

How to go for sleep meditation?
This is a simple process to go, in order to learn its techniques you don’t have to be an athlete or yoga champion, so just stay relaxed! Relaxation: This is the biggest thing that you have to achieve through meditation. Keep in mind, how you can relax nobody knows better than you. So, follow your heart. You can go for the following activities:
Wear comfortable clothes on which you feel comfort.
You can play light music which reminds you of sweet memories and release your mental pressure.
You are the ruler of your room; make it adorable in your way.

Here, you have to apply meditation techniques. Follow simple breathe-in and breathe-out technique focusing on the movement and keep your eyes closed. Try to take deep and long breaths.

Your ever-conscious brain plays a vital role while you are going for sleep meditation. Let go off tensions, think about good things, bright colors, which can rejoice you. Concentrate on each of the body part while you are breathing.

A 15-20 minutes follow of these meditation techniques can get you sweet sleep. Don’t expect good results on the very first try because sleep meditation works efficiently but gradually with the course of time.

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