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Published on April 20, 2013 – 2:13 am

MindBody Series provides you with a real alternative to phamraceuticals. Dr. Lawlis uses Imagery psychology to help “train” the brain to easily enter a state of restorative sleep. Juilliard graduate and sound engineer Gregori Palumbo composed the soundtrack using musical and audio techniques that have been demostrated to induce relaxation and lull the brain to sleep. For most people, it takes 21 days to create a new “habit”, but many people find that it works within the first few times they try Disk 1.Grab A Copy Click here
Benefits include no dependency on pharmaceuticals, large long-term savings over medications, better quality of sleep, more effective restoration of brain functions, improved physical health and superior restful sleep.
Each disk is used at bed time for 21 days to create a habit. Each new disk builds upon the skills mastered from the previous disk.
Disk 1 – Imagery for General Relaxation
Disk 2 – Imagery for Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Disk 3 – Imagery for Restful Sleep
Disk 4 – Music for Restful SleepGrab A Copy Click here
Attention Deficit Disorder affects millions of children and adults. Many parents are concerned about treating this disorder with medication, and research has demonstrated that in many cases children are being over-medicated with negative side-effects. Although in some cases medication may be necessary, the MINDBody ADD Solution is non-invasive and will help many people overcome ADD in a natural and chemical-free way. Dr. Frank Lawlis, author of the newly released best-selling book entitled The ADD Answer, brings to you practical tools to overcome ADD. Even for those who continue medication, the MINDBody ADD Solution is an effective addition to medical treatment.
The design of this CD is to provide a programmed process in which the individual can learn to sleep naturally, while the music is specifically programmed to help maintain a normal depth of sleep, making it easier to wake up refreshed.Grab A Copy Click here

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