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Theta Meditation- Genx Stress Buster : christian meditation

Icon Pubished on November 13, 2013 – 6:30 pm

The constant pressure and the building up stress can often lead to the nervous breakdown of a person. The individuals facing this type of extreme circ**stances are the youth and the working individuals of the contemporary times. The reason why this is becoming increasingly rampant is the hectic schedule of the individual and the constant [&h***ip;]

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Practice Meditation For Mental Discipline : christian meditation

Icon Pubished on October 14, 2013 – 12:31 am

Meditation refers to a practice in which the practitioner trains his or her mind or self-induces a mode of consciousness in order to realize some benefit. Sometimes, meditation is also referred to as, altered states of consciousness. Without going too deep into what meditation is, or is not, let us see on one of the [&h***ip;]

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Meditation – An Inexpensive Vacation : christian meditation

Icon Pubished on August 8, 2013 – 8:09 am

Picture this. You’re lying on a sandy beach with the sun warming you and your favorite beverage close at hand. For music, you have the gentle sound of the waves washing up on the beach and a light breeze blowing through the sea grass. You’re so relaxed that you can’t quite make yourself think about [&h***ip;]

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Christian Meditation Promotes Peace of Mind and Reduces Stress and Worry

Icon Pubished on May 26, 2013 – 2:13 am

Do you find it hard to just stop thinking? If you don’t, you are an exception and truly blessed. In fact, if your mind isn’t constantly wandering, I would bet to say that you practice some technique on a regular basis that helps you to quiet your thoughts. Unfortunately for the majority of the population [&h***ip;]

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Success Secrets of Christian Meditation–You Will Meditate as God Meant

Icon Pubished on May 19, 2013 – 8:12 am

All you need to try and do to succeed is to update your life with the thoughts of God by meditating on the word of God. There is no method you’ll fail incubating the same intellectually artistic and productive thoughts that fashioned the universe. “Tell me the mind of God and all different things are [&h***ip;]

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Christian Meditation and Hearing God’s Voice : christian meditation

Icon Pubished on May 13, 2013 – 5:09 pm

One of the number one questions Christians ask today is, “How do we hear God’s voice? How do we know when God is speaking to us or when it’s just our own thinking?” Christians desperately want to hear from God and know Him in an intimate and personal way. They want to know His voice [&h***ip;]

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Focus On Christian Meditation For Relaxation : christian meditation

Icon Pubished on May 2, 2013 – 11:09 am

People used to assume that Christian Meditation is similar to the other traditional methods of meditation practically but when you go in to it in detail then you will realize that it is quite different from others. This meditation method focuses on filling the soul from inside with the name of God and in traditional [&h***ip;]

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Christian Meditation Technique – Part 2

Icon Pubished on April 15, 2013 – 2:10 pm

Lectio Divina (‘divine reading’) is only slightly more involved than the technique of contemplative prayer. The physical mechanics are almost identical to other meditation techniques. The primary difference is that in the previous exercise you have a single word that is repeated (to the point that any thought of meaning is lost and attention is [&h***ip;]

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