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Mindful Meditation and Couples: Making Marriage Work : mindfulness meditation

Icon Pubished on August 24, 2013 – 2:09 am

When your marriage isn’t working, you may need to look into Denver marriage counseling for a little help. If possible, seek out a counselor who works with mindful meditation, which can really change the way your marriage works. First, you need to know what mindful meditation is. This technique has been around for a very [&h***ip;]

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Heal Your Brain Using Mindful Meditation

Icon Pubished on July 13, 2013 – 11:10 am

Mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy has been shown to reduce anxiety in a broad range of clinical populations, as reported by the University of Ottawa. Meditation reduces stress and enhances forgiveness, according to a study published by the Journal of American College Health. Meditators have a greater ability to moderate the intensity of their emotional arousal [&h***ip;]

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Video : 15 Minute Guided Mindful Breathing Meditation Video : Meditation Breathing

Icon Pubished on June 29, 2013 – 5:11 am

Meditation Breathing : This 15 minute mindful breathing meditation video is recorded for the Integrative Inquiry course participants. Please see the Love Curriculum at www.rushingt… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Meditation Breathing Video :

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Mindful Meditation : mindfulness meditation

Icon Pubished on December 16, 2012 – 1:56 am

There are lots of different types of meditation practice. Guided meditation is just one of many but has its roots in mindfulness meditation. But what is mindfulness meditation? It is a technique, a mental discipline by which with practice you learn to go beyond the reflexive thinking mind into a deeper state of relaxation or [&h***ip;]

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How To Meditate V – Mindful Prostration : How to Meditate : Video

Icon Pubished on November 21, 2011 – 6:47 am

How to Meditate : how to practice meditation without the requirement of religious dogma or spiritual mumbo-jumbo. This video demonstrates the technique of mindful prostration, a sort of warm-up exercise before the walking and sitting, with the added benefit of creating humility and respect towards the meditation practice.

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Following a Christian life requires mindful thinking and dedication to the Lord

Icon Pubished on November 17, 2011 – 1:07 am

Article by Pat Lavazza The Christian way of living is simple and hardly involves making any complicated decisions in life. The most important principles of Christianity involve peace, love, understanding, forgiveness, compassion and faith. To be a good Christian, one must think and do good to others which is why anyone who is willing to [&h***ip;]

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Mindful Meditation:Deep Techniques For Real Guided Meditation Seekers

Icon Pubished on August 24, 2011 – 1:06 pm

Post by Matt g**heart Guided meditation provides a quick, simple and efficient way of uniting with your internal resource of wisdom and nicely-being. Your brain and body are smart and capable of obtaining precisely what you require at any given time. The object of this write-up is by no means to flip your views towards [&h***ip;]

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Mindful Meditation:Secret Techniques For Actual Guided Meditation Seekers

Icon Pubished on August 23, 2011 – 1:05 am

Article by Matt g**heart Guided meditation supplies a quick, simple and successful way of uniting with your interior supply of knowledge and properly-becoming. Your brain and human body are smart and capable of obtaining exactly what you want at any provided time. It really is no solution that there are a host of advantages for [&h***ip;]

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