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The Essence of Breathing in Zen Meditation
Published on June 30, 2011 – 1:08 am

Article by Christos Varsamis

In layman’s term, Zen meditation is letting go of pessimistic ideas and basically calming. In Buddhism, it is a contemplative self-discipline done to attain calmness in the head and entire body. Most importantly, it aims for a practitioner to comprehend the nature of lifestyle to obtain enlightenment.

To totally encounter positive outcomes of Zen meditation, there are a few common approaches to contemplate this kind of as (one) Concentration (two) Koan Introspection and (three) Shikantaza.

Focus is the principal emphasis to commence Zen meditation. You require to focus on your respiration which is generally ministered by counting. Let respiration be your shield to any distraction. On the other hand, Koan Introspection focuses on “koan.” Koan is an entity utilized for meditation. “Just sitting” or Shikantaza is meditation exactly where an object has no location, instead mere focus is necessary.

When you have decided on a distinct technique, then it is time for you to be aware of the common positions undertaken in Zen meditation.

Burmese Position

At 1st glance the said position appears like a basic cross-legged place. With the Burmese position, you want to situate your ft so it will be in front of one particular yet another and allow both your feet relax on the floor. You require to make certain that your heels are pointed towards your pelvis. Also rested on the floor are your knees.

Seiza Placement

Seiza is the Japanese term for appropriate sitting. It can be accomplished by letting your lower leg kneel. Make certain that your feet are beneath your b***ocks and that your toes are positioned in a backward manner.

Half-Lotus Position

Indian-design with one particular leg on the best of the other is the half-lotus position. To achieve this kind of sitting place, you want to be seated on an Indian-fashion of sitting. Soon after which, raise one leg devoid of letting the legs be unfolded.

Complete-Lotus Placement

Make confident that you are seated Indian style. Then, choose one particular foot and get it to the crook of your knee. Let it relaxation, guaranteeing that the base of your knee is in an upward placement. The last stage you require to undertake is to provide the other foot to the other knee just like what you did on the 1st.

After you have selected a comfortable Zen placement for you, there are other essential criteria you need to carry out:

– Keep your mouth shut. Make certain that your tongue is calmly pushed beside the upper palate to prevent salivation and swallowing.
– Maintain your eyes reduced. Correct your eyes on the ground.
– Preserve your chin tucked-in.
– Keep your nose in line with your navel.
– Keep your torso not to lean forward or backward.
– Maintain your fingers enclosed in a “cosmic mudra.” Your dominant hand ought to be in an upward palm place to maintain the other hand.

Zen meditation concentrates on respiration. Breathe in Zen meditation is explained to be the elementary force in one’s physique. Together with mind, the two are thought to be the actuality of existence.

With the sort of life folks are in appropriate now, Zen meditation may possibly be a helpful act to be relieved from pressure and stress.

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