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Theta Meditation- Genx Stress Buster : christian meditation
Published on November 13, 2013 – 6:30 pm

The constant pressure and the building up stress can often lead to the nervous breakdown of a person. The individuals facing this type of extreme circ**stances are the youth and the working individuals of the contemporary times. The reason why this is becoming increasingly rampant is the hectic schedule of the individual and the constant anxiety of something or the other that never seems to leave the individual. With the prevalence of this type of state of mind the individual is hardly likely to either face or solve any of the issues, personal or professional. Decision making requires a calm and tranquil mind that is able to think reasonably and clearly, however in the current scenario that seems to be very bleak and remote. This is why and where the meditation techniques for stress relief in the guise of theta meditation steps in.

The break neck competition that acts as the driving force of the aspiring individuals seldom allows the space for relaxation and rest. The result is a disturbed individual with a disoriented and stressful life. Even the personal front of the individuals life suffers heavily. The reason is very obvious. If the individual himself or herself is dissatisfied and grumbling how can he or she manage to keep the people surrounding them happy. The pursuit of materialistic gain at the cost of the physical and mental health has begun to bare its teeth and nails. The saying health is wealth has become redundant only to bring out the adverse effects of the redundancy. The theta meditation acts as the rescuer salvaging the life from being sacrificed at the altar of the greed for more. These meditation techniques for stress relief have proved to be a highly efficient measure to many.

The meditation technique for stress relief available is of the following types:

Theta Meditation

Alpha meditation

Transcendental Meditation

Heart Rhythm Meditation

Conscious Breathing Meditation

Christian Meditation

Zazen Meditation

However, the theta meditation is the best of the lot. It has numerous benefits to itself. This type of meditation enables the individual to stimulate the dormant part of his or her brain like those of intuition and creativity. This meditation techniques for stress relief takes place with the help of theta brain waves that are connected with the remote viewing, astral projection, past life regression, and development of psychic abilities. The theta brainwaves can be activated with the help of various sound waves like those of the binaural beats.

The practice of these particular meditation techniques for stress relief has proved to have the ability of successfully balancing melatonin and serotonin levels in the brain. This helps to battle depression and insomnia. The immense success of the theta meditation makes it a widely accepted fact that this meditation can reduce stress; enhance the sense of balance and calmness. It can thereby be said that the success of this stress buster has been adequately established and firmly attested without a single shadow of doubt.

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