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Video : ♥Merlin’s Magic ♥… ‘ The Heart of REIKI ‘…a Chakra Meditation Music ! : Reiki
Published on March 18, 2013 – 9:03 am

Reiki :

a beautiful ONE hour Meditation Music for YOU to meditate religiously ,…and rejunevate your heart , body and soul !

Reiki Video :

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  1. This music works for healing and calming music, good for after a stressful day.This music is truly wonderful.

  2. This is some good stuff. I used to never be able to concentrate when listening to things like these but since I discovered “Your Wish Is Your Command”, my mind is much, much, clearer and my life moves according to my visions and in line with the life pattern I want for myself.

    Like any program, it takes some focus to implement the techniques, but I’ve never seen a better and more comprehensive explanation to the laws of the universe…..happy to share with anyone interested.

  3. This is the most healing and calming music I’ve ever heard! Really DOES it for me on oh so many levels! Thank you very much for such beauty.

  4. Very relaxing, and puts me and my cats to sleep every time! Thank you!

  5. love it too!

  6. raise those vibrations baby mmm mmm

  7. Is using this while playing league of legends… it helps

  8. Esta música es espectacular para relajarse. Gracias.

  9. Just wonderful puts my 2 year old to sleep as well as myself after a stressful day at the office… Thank you

  10. This music is truly wonderful. It put me into a very relaxed euphoric state. Thank you!

  11. Super

  12. Namaste … I practice reiki and yoga and I love this music has a vibe ………….. I would like to share a video of reiki music I find very inspiring and helps you to connect and is “the dream of angels of Christopher Walcott and this made ​​with love ………. thank you very much

  13. I love this music brings me much beautiful memories

  14. I forgot to say that one of my students who listens to this every day has ADD and Aspergers and I can see the difference in her almost each time I talk to her. Thank you.

  15. I am a Reiki Master, and have recommended this music to several of my students. There are a couple including me, who listen to it every day and can feel the healing.

  16. ilus

  17. Beautiful

  18. Not as good as piano

  19. me likes 🙂

  20. Ironically good background music for concentrating as well.

  21. Incredible,so beautiful*** Thank you ** Blessings and Peace ****

  22. So beautiful, thank you loving soul!

  23. Thank you. I do not know how i came across your playlist.Glad I did. This is the most beautiful music.You must be a special person.Live life abundantly.Best Shawn

  24. PEACE

  25. I like your  song