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Video : 2 Hours Relaxation Music for Sleep, Study, Meditation, and Good Dreams : Meditation Music
Published on July 14, 2013 – 11:10 pm

Meditation Music :

Relax, Relaxing, Relaxation, Meditation, or Sleep. No Bongo Drums. Can’t form a Conga Line to it but you may like to use it as background music for some of m…
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Meditation Music Video :

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  1. This makes my body relax and some times it makes me fall to sleep

  2. Jody your awesome

  3. Jody ty so very much. I’m so happy I found you when I did. I look forward to going to bed, and wake up refreshed every morning . I’ve never felt so relaxed before. Getting a great night sleep works wonders!

  4. This sounds like the music from “Blade Runner.”

  5. I’ve got videos of myself sleeping on my channel which are really funny I believe and if you’re bored and cant sleep you should check them out!!

    (Friendly Reminder: Read the description)

  6. I felt so crappy last night (felt really sick, headache, sneezing) and you helped me fall asleep and feel much better!! I always feel crap, but listening to you really helps, thanks!

  7. Jody, you HELP people. I stumbled on your videos a few months ago and they have truly helped my depression, anxiety and even brain boosts…so thank you!

  8. I have so many people commenting with great ideas for videos it makes my head spin. I write them down and someday hope to get them all done. Don’t get me started about covert hypnosis! I openly admit I use it but the only suggestions are to relax, feel good, and fall asleep. I encourage people to learn about it because it is so prevalent. It is used by commercials, politicians, sales people, TV shows, doc**entaries, and some youtube videos to name a few. Awareness is your best defence.

  9. I have been using your hypnosis for depression and deep relaxation. At the risk of sounding like a nutjob, have you ever thought of doing one for people who may have been covertly hypnotized? It isn’t for me….

  10. Thank you very much. This is great.

  11. Thanks again Jody, Your music helps so much with the pain I suffer, I have lost my right leg above the knee, as a result I have a lot of pain in my residual limb. night time is particulary bad, which stops me sleeping, I find the music you produce is excellent and enables me to get at least a few hours sleep. many thanks Namaste Keith x

  12. Holy smokes….O.o I actually had the thought “I need some music just for background to help me study”, logged on Youtube and this was the first thing in my feed. SUCCESS! Thanks, Jody!

  13. Thank you so much Jody, its odd how much you have touched my life. You have given all of us great tools for life.