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Video : 26 Minutes Meditation Music
Published on May 3, 2013 – 8:12 am

Meditation Music :

MUSIC FOR MIND BODY & SOUL Title: 26 Min Meditation Mix 2 Hi, I’m Kirk Philip Monteux a music composer and photographer. I created thi…
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Meditation Music Video :

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  1. Thank you so much

  2. Marvelous composition. This has to be one of the best tracks I’ve ever meditated to. Thank you, and keep up to amazing work!

  3. Gosh, this is amazing. when i close my eyes, i feel like im really lying on the beach. So relaxed. Good Job

  4. нахуй оно у меня в рекомендуемом?

  5. For STEP BY STEP tutorials on how to meditate visit my channel. 🙂


  7. omg awesome thanks!!

  8. Good for you! Thank you.

  9. I am new to meditation and I was looking for more. I was hoping to appreciate it more. You sir, have kept my interest in it. Thanks for making this and sharing it.

  10. Thank you so much

  11. I really enjoy it and play it freequently. Excellent for meditaton as well. Keep in mind I have been listening to ambient music since the 80″s. Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Phillip Glass, et al. Good job, my friend. Very uplifting and much needed today.

  12. excellent !!!!!

  13. You’re very welcome and I’m glad you like it!

  14. Thank so much for make something so LOVELY for all of us Blessing,marthabalev.

  15. Buen trabajo, precioso. Muchísimas

    Когда во имя чьей-то воли
    ты убегаешь от себя, Тебе найти дорогу к морю Поможет Путеводная звезда.
    Звезда горит в тебе –  В лучах покоя тешится, Раскрыв пространство света Изнутри тебя: Заполнив всё любовью – Как реки, океаны и моря Наполнены живительной водою.
    И в тишине, возможно, Обрести Великое Блаженство Во имя доброго начала Постигнуть целостность себя..
    И нет борьбы – Есть только море – Океан Любви.

    When in whose name of will
    You escape from yourselves,-
    For you to find a road to the sea
    Will help The Guiding star.

    The star burns in you –
    In beams of rest, amuse…
    Having opened space of light
    From your inside:
    Having filled all with love –
    As the rivers, oceans and seas
    Are filled vivifying with waters.

    And in silence it is possible
    To find Great Bliss
    In a name of a kind beginning to Comprehend integrity itself…

    There is no fight —
    It’s only ocean,
    Ocean of the love.

  18. Like this video.
    U took some efforts to put such a nice video.