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Video : 3 HOURS of Relaxing music – Meditation and Sleeping music – Spa – Zen Music : Meditation Music
Published on May 16, 2013 – 9:01 pm

Meditation Music :

Long music for meditation and relaxation. Sound therapy, Sounds of nature, Zen music for meditation. Relaxing sounds. Music – Healing by Kevin MacLeod. (inco…
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Meditation Music Video :

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  1. why did you even come here in the first place if you don’t even like this music..

  2. i see my uncle and other people around me playing the instruments 😀

  3. I like this

  4. Lovely thanks.

  5. I am too… its so fantastic… my brain now is very easy…

  6. Quit complaining about free stuff.

  7. Adverts on youtube are becoming too much! I went onto this video and there was an advert, half way though it stopped so i reloaded it only to find another advert and for it to carry of from where i had to reload it. No one comes to youtube for adverts, there’s enough of that on TV!

  8. where can i download the wallpaper in the background of the video?

  9. This is the best soundtrack for making homework!

  10. Hopefully this works…drivers manual, prepare to be read…finally

  11. just realised this is the soundtrack in the online game 400 years 🙂

  12. Thank you

  13. SLEEP WELL After a long day’s work

  14. this is beyond perfect so relaxing

  15. was it….Tokyo Drift? haha jokes

  16. Dude this totally helps with writing a 15 page paper 10 hours before its due. Also exam

  17. This is some weird ass s***

  18. 13 persones sont confusee

  19. Muito obrigada por me induzir a relaxar. Namastê*

  20. SEO Superstar! 😀

  21. j’adore 

  22. still my favourite