Secrets To Meditation
Video : 45 Minutes Meditation Music
Published on June 2, 2013 – 2:10 am

Meditation Music :

MUSIC FOR MIND BODY & SOUL Title: 45 Min Meditation Hi, I’m Kirk Philip Monteux a music composer and phot…
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Meditation Music Video :

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  1. I tried meditating for the first time and its very relaxing and stress relieving even for a young kid like me

  2. Thank you so much

  3. You’re masterful in knowing or sensing what is most needed in peoples lives…thank you. Have many meditational CD’s, but am always on the look out for others. I must have drifted off at some point, which was most welcoming. God Bless.

  4. Thank you so much.

  5. I’m glad it helped. Thank you.

  6. this is fantastic. i had a panic attack a few nights ago and this has been helping me sleep since. thank you, i love it 🙂

  7. One of very few people on youtube who can make really relaxing and beautiful music. Thank you!

  8. Удачи Ты выйдешь замуж за меня оворите ли вы по-английски? Желаю всего хорошего ем ты сейчас занимаешься?

  9. Preciosos sonidos que componen una música relajante. Gracias

  10. wow this is one of the best ones I’ve had so far had a great feeling meditating and after feeling as well thank you loved it!

  11. I’m glad it work for you.

  12. Great stuff, i like all types of music, but really needed something to calm me down, which this has done, thanks

  13. I’m glad this helps you. Thank you for sharing.

  14. I suffer from Anxiety Disorder, and when I feel a panic attack coming on I turn this on and nine times out of ten it soothes my nerves almost immediately!  Thanks so much!

  15. Wow its really relaxing . Ty softmusic .

  16. A little light in the darkness of earth.

  17. My god this is wonderful!! unbelievable!! :)

  18. thank you thank you thank you~

  19. I love your playlist I listen to it in my office during my hectic work days & it keeps me calm & sane lol so thanks =]

  20. Thank you for the comment

  21. I do not ever sleep with music on, but for this awesome music right here, I put on my earphones and drift away into pleasant dreams. Thank u for the wonderful music!!