Secrets To Meditation
Video : 98.7% Proven Meditation Technique – Open Your Third Eye in 15 Minutes
Published on April 17, 2013 – 2:24 pm

Meditation :

“There is no secret here, towards the end of each note you hear (assuming your wearing earphones), upon the heightening of the frequency so too is your centr…
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Meditation Video :

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  1. are……you ret***ed?

  2. fish is not meat

  3. d***, i didn’t know about the salt. I use sea salt and lately it’s missing from the store shelves.

  4. Haha glad to hear people talking about my favorite herb

  5. Can u still use toothpaste then or just not swallow it?

  6. Yes, friendship is good. Thats why its bad to masturbate. It gets in the way of friendshiping.

  7. Very relaxing.

  8. Oh! sorry to hear poor thing! why would you attempt against such a natural part of your self? what’s next? getting rid of eating?, Don’t believe anyone saying its wrong. s** is as natural as breathing and you should not try avoiding it or it will break your health balance.

  9. Why so much hate dude? Why are you so angry?

  10. sounds like a figure 8 going between right and left hemisphere and linking both sides to work in sync…..:)

  11. I FELT LIKE A BALL WAS GROWING IN THE MIDDLE OF MY HEAD…and my ears start become warm

  12. hehehe its fun how people refuse to belive in the fluoride thingy. Its quite scientific proved that fluoride is a salt that targets a certain part of the brain and the kidneys. Kidneys cleans your p***. Kidneystones, is when you are too calcified.
    Just a heads up, The industries are now adding a pinch of fluoride in the salt. So saly used for food, such as processed industryfood, is now your worst enemy :)) Look my avatar:)

  13. well put, I don’t agree, yet I can’t argue your point. I don’t like your comment, yet somehow I like it very much. Very zen of you. Looks like your on the right track, whatever that track is.

  14. lol. glad you enjoyed it.

  15. How come its 98.7% proven?

  16. true true…thats why the fluoride in water and toothpaste make us “blind” and to stop us from dreaming… i tell people and no one believes…and i`m like…you people are a bunch of i****s..but they are just to blind to see the truth…they prefer to be lied

  17. i think it had a massive effect on you. just breath deep..try to relax and think of happy moment…awakening can be scary but don`t be 🙂 

  18. .something similar happened to me after listenin to this. dropped a cup of coffe, i was forgetting everything from one second to another..i closed my eyes…deep breath..and i told my self…i will count from 1 to 10..and when i reach 10 i will feel clear and focused…1 2..10 DONE!! i have a bit of experience with hypnosis so my mind respond really well to counting…i can put myself really easy in trance…further listenin to this track will have different effect on u. i think its a good sign