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Video : A Meditation for Manifesting
Published on April 13, 2013 – 2:02 pm

Meditation :

In this video I share the subtle body meditation for expanding your magnetic field and purifying the subtle body. For more free guided meditations visit: htt…
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Meditation Video :

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  1. White people….. Need I say more¿?

  2. This was amazing! I feel awesome, but I have no idea why :)! I will do this again and again and h ope that I will have adeeper understanding of how it works! Thanks so much!

  3. Beautiful grateful that Kundalini yoga is being shared by you. Love it.
    Where is the tuning into the divine part? That is where the transformation comes in.
    Very important. Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.>3x
    and what about tuning out? Where Long time sun?

  4. Oh ya & I agree with Divine Yoganista, why no smiling? You look like you don’t really want to be there?

  5. 2 questions, I don’t mean to sound rude so if I do I’m sorry… I don’t understand the concept of wearing a turban with your hair not in it, can anyone explain? And why the constant earbud in your ear, it looks like you’re expecting something more important than what you’re doing?

  6. Just did this meditation and I am tingling. I can feel the energy pulsating in my body. How many times should you do it in order to remove blockages and see results?

  7. Awesome, thank you 🙂 I was feelin’ a bit dizzy after 30 seconds but I will do it again. 🙂

  8. Beautiful, thank u Gabby ❤

  9. gabby i just LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE your stuff!! thanks so much for bringing all that is you to the world! MWA 🙂

  10. I loved this…

  11. yeah if only other people knew the song i want to dance! Hey peeps use this to get it on your pod >>>

  12. It was beautiful! I love you soul sister x**

  13. Good stuff.  Check your breath. It’s a key for sure.

  14. thank for the good bractic to healthy improv olso stamac to be strong to get boware at last to mouch thanking

  15. Using a Mac… welp, I’m clearly not listening to you.

  16. All volumes turned up, but I can barely hear you.

  17. good point!:-)