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Video : Adonis Stevenson KO’s Chad Dawson Post Fight
Published on June 14, 2013 – 5:00 am

Adronis Channeling :

Video Rating: 2 / 5

Adronis Channeling Video :

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  1. I came here to see the fight, not haer u blab. Dislike this.

  2. a very slight advantage to Stephenson but only a small one !!!!

  3. Styles make fights Stephenson is a knock artist i agree but besides his win now against Dawson who else has he really fought. Stephenson has got a little way to go before he can call himself world class. I think think Ward would beat him but not standing toe to toe. A fight between Ward and Stephenson would be a 50 / 50 fight. Now with regards to Hopkins everytime i think he is going to get it he proves me wrong however a fight between Hopkins and Stephenson would be to be continued !!!!

  4. Andre Ward will not woop that ass.Ward took 10 rounds to get rid of Dawson,Adonis did it in 76 seconds.And please stop blaming Chad s loss on the weight fluctuation.He went up and down 7 pounds.Chris Bird and Roy Jones went up and down 30 pounds,not the same thing.Pacqiao and Mayweather jumped 5 weight cla**** did their careers suffer?Lame excuses dont cut it.Adonis is that good!

  5. throw bernard in with this stevenson maybe he can retire him before he dies from old age lol

  6. That was the most silliest celebration i have ever seen

  7. Stevenson went crazy afterward like he won the lottery and in a way he did!!!

  8. All this comments,we’re missing the point 168-175 ! He was the champion, one punch he went down it happens when you don’t respect your opponent.The point i’m trying to make he should have given 10 more seconds to see if he was able to hold on or not.
    Maybe Stevenson is not a good finisher,we know he can punch,after all this was not the 7 th or 9 th round.
    Or maybe the ref was to scared to get in the middle,

  9. Go down in weight ,go up in weight ,makes no difference if the shot is hard enough and lands in the right place its lights out!Adonis hits very very hard thats the reason why Dawson went down.Oh by the way he no longer needs to google ADONIS STEVENSON s name to know who he is…lol

  10. 168 or 175 no matter, no difference, no boxer at those weights is going to survive Adonis s power!No one!!!!!!!!!!One punch and its lights out.Ward,Froch ,Kessler,it doesnt matter .

  11. honestly he might just be another Hasim Rahman

  12. Non fighters always got an opinion why weight cla**** are not important. Fighters like myself know better

  13. 168 and 175 is not a big difference.

  14. That’s what happens when a fake lefty (chad dawson) fights a natural lefty (stevenson). The real lefty always exposes the fake ones.

  15. Fuck boy Chad Dawson kisses the canvas again.

  16. Done! He’s not done.
    He just caught him dawg! Chad doesn’t seem to be focus lately, walking around the ring with his hands down facing a puncher.

  17. I thought Dawson would pull this fight and get the win that he needed but now I think he’s done.

  18. the punch landed solid closer to the neck of Dawson that’s why there was not much of a whip lash but he Got K T F O

  19. He woulda got knocked out regardless dawg.. Dawson just dont have the chin or the heart for big punchers like Stevenson