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Video : Adronis Balancing Breathing To Become One With Higher Self
Published on April 29, 2013 – 8:12 pm

Adronis Channeling :

In this excerpt, Adronis speaks on arrangements you can consider to establish a personal extraterrestrial contact. Farzad Ghaffari Private Session With Adron…
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Adronis Channeling Video :

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  1. Everything exists, including the ‘concept’ of illuminati. However, you decide whether you want those experiences coming forward into your own reality or not. If you are aware about the ‘mechanics’ you will realize, you have the power to manifest and experience what ever you desire. What about that?

  2. The Illumiati does not esist. Plese yuotube “Bashar and Parallel Earths”. Namaste.

  3. I mean illuminati Agent.

  4. Indeed Namaste.

  5. Agent Alaje has returned.:-)

  6. Namaste. Brother Alaje has retuned!

  7. Give attention to the space ‘between’ the breaths. If the mind continues to speak thoughts, simply observe it…a ‘glance’… but turn your attention back to your breath & the space in between. The angriest people I have ever known were shallow breathers. Breathe slowly & deeply. Think happy thoughts of Love, Joy & Peace. Be harmonious & fill yourself with Love for all beings. You will then be in the ‘vortex’ energy of the Source of all life, light & love, & will find yourself One with All Life.

  8. this needs to be in a planetarium

  9. can be all a lie..but i hope its not

  10. I have to ask all beloved brothers and sisters there to send love to 777Alaje or Alaje he sadned because of evil people attacking him.Please take a look at his videos.He needs all the help he can get now.Please help him.Also you can take a look at his channel here.Alaje is a lightworker too.Please help him people need to remember what is true love trough his videos.alajefromthepleiades(do­t)com.And Henry thank you for your card reading.