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Video : Adronis – Balancing Positive Negative Energy
Published on April 6, 2013 – 12:17 pm

Adronis Channeling :

In This Excerpt, Adronis Speaks on The Adronis Morning Show – 6/27/2012 Information Key To Any Reality’s Brad Johnson Channel…
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Adronis Channeling Video :

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  1. pure unadulterated genius

  2. We need that!! same to you Wendie..

  3. Yes very true………….some dnt understand that there are many way to do it……..we are full of this equipment so too speak……….that we dnt use….so to some it seams so impossible……..peace love and harmony to you 🙂

  4. and to you good day!!!!

  5. This is how it works, and you might want to do your own research. Adronis from Sirus himself does not even speak English. He is transmitting images, which then the channels mind/heart translates into English and speaks.

    More or less

  6. Thank you for your sincere response .What you have written is profound and I will reflect upon the depth of your shared thoughts. It certainly is inspiring and humbling, when people speak from their heart. As I believe these beautifully written replies, sincerely come from the heart. With much gratitude and love..

  7. I agree with what you have said .. “Be an observer and give endless love.” I’ve always felt that children come into the world with their own energy finger print (soul). Intuitively the parenting role feels more like supporting and lending guidance and as you say,”These are the universes children.” Thank you for your wisdom..with love..

  8. its absolutely possible. i have two children and its quite simple. you must remain an observer. ppl tend to get so caught up in their childrens lives they forget about themselves, but if you can remember these are the universes children and not “mine” they are not our belongings, it helps to keep a sense of detachment, dont get me wrong, i love my children endlessly, but there has to be a sense of detachment to not go insane over the things they do or dont do. hope this helps.

  9. Must say.. this makes a lot of sense. I’ve been “contemplating” quietly, while completing daily routines, whether any of these people have children? Honestly, in my opinion, it would be impossible to maintain a transcendental state and raise children? Although, if anyone has mastered this, please share your secrets…Lot’s of love!!

  10. great!

  11. shine your light and the darkness will flee

  12. Thank You :)

  13. Really great advice 🙂 peace