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Video : Adronis – The Personification of Passion
Published on May 2, 2013 – 11:09 am

Adronis Channeling :

This is an excerpt from an Adronis channeling session as Adronis speaks on the Personification of Passion as well as the law of attraction.…
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Adronis Channeling Video :

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  1. When you truly have a passion, there is no doubt in your mind. When´╗┐ you truly have a commitment to something, there is nothing ever contradicting it. That is true Passion. Passion does not come with a “but.” Because if you have a passion that says, “you really want to do this, but…” then it’s not a passion. Passion means something you truly want to create without anything else keeping you back from creating it.

    That is Passion.