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Video : Aeoliah – Healing Music for Reiki – Hearts of the future : Reiki
Published on June 19, 2013 – 2:09 pm

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Aeoliah - Healing Music for Reiki - Hearts of the future

Healing music.
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  1. Hi Eyal Golan, EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique. Google Dawson Church and or EFT Universe. He has many workshops around the world. Dawson is a PHD with a wonderful Spirit and sense of humor. With so much love and compassion and extremely easy application to EFT, Dawson has greatly helped heal hundreds of people! It is so easy and fun and works so quick. Happy tapping and healing! Much Love&Light, Joni

  2. As I stated before… I will follow you until you give me back the ONE good meditation you had. Aeoliah is a b**** who shut down the Dazbar. Bring back your 8 cosmic light ray meditation, you fuck!

  3. I am a Fairy of Music.I can feel the harmony,feelings,and of course healing.Glad to be a Fairy of Music.THIS MUSIC DOES HAVE A REALLY PURE HEALING POWER!!!God Bless You All!!! :’)

  4. Aeoliah… thank you so much for your amazing music. I feel the healing through my body. I’m thankful that the Lord has given you this gift to heal people from him through your music. Through your music it makes me want to use the same gift of healing.

  5. to eyal golan to go thro pTSD is not easy please learn reike, u can do healing for urself, just go thro it with an open mind and see wat magic it can do in giving u peace and guiding ur life, am a medical doc who has done reike and know tht energy healing helps at a much deeper level

  6. Pure beauty my 1st time to listen was last night it touched me very deeply simply beautiful many thanks love and light x

  7. Hoy, un Angel ha venido a visitarme.
    Con la dulce suavidad de sus alas,
    me ha rozado el hombro……………..
    para susurrarme que no estamos solos.!!
    Oh Angel divino dónde estas?, tu amor
    me sobrepasa.
    Dime Angel mío?. Tus alas veo,
    pero son intocables,
    ruega a Aquel que no nos
    abandone de su Divina Mano.!
    Angel mío, susúrrale al oído,
    dile todo lo bueno que tenemos,
    que somos nimiedades sin su protección.!!………
    Hermoso audio, muchas gracias.
    Un abrazo hermano.!!

  8. tout simplement merveilleux….

  9. Thank you for the replay,,,,,what is EFT? Tx

  10. I would recommend lots of meditation and EFT for you for your PTSD. The body and the mind is a healing mechanism…you don’t have to suffer from it… :). Lots of love…

  11. This music save me this week,,,,I suffer from PTSD and this week with Boston bombing seeing the explosion live on tv hit us all,,, May we all find peach and know NO TERROR. THANK YOU

  12. Fantastic

  13. beautiful… just beautiful.

  14. Its nice to read below that this piece of music gives so much healing and reassurance….

  15. Please send healing to my brother Benedict, he has been diagnosed with cancer of the colon. Thank you and blessings. Xx

  16. Just heavenly, thank you for sharing. Namaste x

  17. very peaceful and nice music piece …thank you

  18. wow… feels like tons falling from my soul while listening to this music

  19. A tranquilidade que essa melodia transmite é impar. Acalma e serena o esppirito, nos induz a reflexão, a harmonização com nosso Mestre Interior. Utilizem-na para suas meditações e momentos de prece. Paz Profunda a todos


  21. Awesome music! Had such a powerful meditation with it! Thanks for sharing.