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Video : Affirmations & Meditations: Healing Body Mind Spirit
Published on July 13, 2013 – 6:00 am

Meditation :

Created by Kevin Foresman Affirmations & Meditation: How To Do It Yourself Spiritual Healing Video is a spiritual video tool helping…
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  1. Very seductive voice patterns… are you a cyborg? Im hooked 8)

  2. Beautiful video! I’ve been practicing meditation and using affirmations for years now and they have, without a doubt, have changed my life. This knowledge is the greatest gift I’ve been given! It has been such a driving force in my life that I have created an Affirmation Alarm app that I hope will provide love and light for people all across the globe 🙂 Gently wake each morning to beautiful pre-recorded affirmations that will inspire and rejuvenate your soul! Click my channel for more! <3

  3. Listened to it for the first time while trying to dose off. Couldn’t but I felt absolutely incredible, then took off my headphones and slept like a baby. Day 1 is today, we’ll see how I feel a couple weeks from now. Either way, thank you! =D

  4. i have listening for a while now and every time i slip i just remind myself that i am loved. what is the meaning of namaste?

  5. my heart and soul belongs to these channels

  6. Listening to this at work and getting relaxed and sleepy… :))

  7. Remember that it takes 30 days or so to install new behavior or “habits” so keep watching and keep reprogramming all of those thoughts which no longer serve you… Namaste!

  8. This does work, I’ve been more positive, and started working out more.

  9. this works its awesome,,ive been listening 2 it for about a month and i have only had good to really good days!

  10. I used to sell the CD 5 years ago, but now with the availability of video anywhere, you can listen to the soundtrack of the video on your computer or phone at anytime, almost anywhere!!!

  11. Awesome… namaste!

  12. I listen to this almost daily. Thank you so much. Feeling more positive all the time.

  13. I love this…Thank you for raising the consciousness of our planet…I love your heart and feel your powerful spirit…opening many hearts to live the inspiring life of their dreams…and whose highest priority is their spiritual growth…Thank you.

  14. The second I start listening to this I feel as though I am at the beach and all I see is a beautiful day and see the waves… It immediately calms me down, then I feel peaceful, (not sure if its ur voice or what u say but than I fee incredible LOVE inside me and I m in a different vibration and state of mind that is incredible. Thank you! Bless you and namaste! 🙂