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Video : Alien Crystal Skull – channeled by BASHAR – iTom Lab : Bashar channeling
Published on July 10, 2013 – 10:01 am

Bashar channeling :

took my alien crystal skull to bashar session, he described it well. a great explanation for not even seeing it. i has a great power to it experience by me a…
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Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. If you can commune in such ways through such energies, the need for blogs would seem to diminish your ability to convey your findings. The medium you use to blog is used by other medium, and that medium is further used by other medium…layers upon layers of communication and interpretations can never deliver what you are truly desiring to convey…which is basically the belief that you have acquired a clean intuition through contacting an ultimate and conclusive source of answers.

  2. Simple thinking, interpretation, and logic has thought many. The production of trances and their interpretations is an outdated learning method. A confident mind can learn in it’s silence. Interaction and stimuli is not the only method for learning, and, to me, it seems, it is the less effective method for it can only draw theories and inconclusive conclusions. The conscious mind, even in it’s own decision to induce a trance, is flawed with desire and instincts that dictate our experiences.

  3. Hi, i would like to know where this great artifact was found?? Has no one tried to take this from you? Seems like you have your own piece of ancient history/future. Thanks. Would appreciate a reply. Love to all x

  4. Loved it!!!! I can’t wait for U to sit with “Max” in February!!! Harding and creating sacred space in this time continuum!!! ^|^ Angelic Blessings to U brother!!!

  5. loose the music, totally creating actually a situation ascribing bashar, to the excact opposite he is trying to obtain. a positive kindship, and not an erie situation..

  6. @ 3:18 Spiderman taking a nap in a soft pillow xD

  7. The grey human hybrids known to us as the Yahyel .

  8. 4:00 what is the race he named? im trying to do some research on that .

  9. sooo.. exaclty how do you this is a “alien” crystal skull, and not a geode?

  10. you make a big mistake if you connect electronic crap at the beginning and then in the background with a a channeling source. But maybe silence is too powerful for you as an irreverent puppet.

  11. havent seen many geodes?

  12. the real mystery is how he pulled it out of his ass

  13. Just totally wicked cool in every way! Have fun phoning home!

  14. SWEET!!! :D

  15. whats have you learned since then?

  16. Awesome! Forget the negative comments, what’s awesome is how he described it without looking. I’m very familiar with Bashar and i think that was great that he was able to help! Doesn’t matter if it’s “crystal” or a “geode”, u have something that is a great tool of enlightenment ^_^

  17. please no forza music.

  18. When I say openings I am speaking of the eye.

  19. You’re right about the original ones of the Ancient ones only being 13 of them, but there are actually more of them made by other ancient cultures that have lost theirs through time. In all there are actually hundreds of crystal skulls around the world, some ancient(real representations) and some modern(bold faced fakes). I’m not saying that all are made the same way, but the ancient ones do have a certain amount of power do to their chemical compositions and the work put in to them.