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Video : BASHAR-2012-The Future & new Systems : Bashar channeling
Published on September 3, 2013 – 4:01 pm

Bashar channeling :

In this channeled session Bashar speaks on the future of earth after 2012 and our ability to create our own realities.You can purchase all Bashar materials a…
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How many of us had “imaginary friends” when we were little? Quite a few of us I think. We were told that they didn’t exist and that we had to “snap out of it” and “come down to earth”! Why do you think these phrases were used? Because we were “out there” with the angels and our guides! We were Channeling! That was a natural state of our being that we sadly left behind as we grew up.

Channeling occurs when you allow your conscious mind to receive and act on messages from your super conscious mind where your higher self, your guides and angels reside. They are always ready at a moment’s notice to give you inspiration and guidance.

Channeling is a natural flow of information from something outside of and greater than our conscious mind. It can be controlled and directed but it also occurs spontaneously when we least expect it and usually need it the most. It is walking in spirit and allowing a higher knowing to guide us along our path.

Channels get a “bad rap” sometimes but they have been around since the beginning of time. Many, if not most, of our greatest religious books or teachings were received from a higher realm by their authors; including The Bible. Magnificent works of art and music and some of the leading scientific breakthroughs of our time were acknowledged to have come from a “higher source” by their creators. Mozart readily admitted that his music flowed through him from some source that he didn’t understand and Sir Isaac Newton found that his greatest inspiration came from a higher source as well.


Anyone can channel and most everyone does to some extent. Most of us use the guidance for our own lives but there are those who channel guides, angels or entities in order to give information or guidance to others.

There are many well-known channels in the world today like JZ Knight who channels RAMTHA and who appeared in the movie “What the Bleep do we Know?”.

Jane Roberts channeled SETH from the mid 1960’s until her death in the early 1980’s and wrote a series of very well received books. Lee Carroll has a whole series of KRYON books and speaks all over the world.

The first version of the movie “The Secret” featured ABRAHAM as channeled by Esther Hicks. ABRAHAM has gone on to almost mainstream popularity with the books, “Ask and it is Given” and “The Law of Attraction”.

All of these people are vessels for these great and wondrous entities who each have their own messages to give to others on this planet.

Channeling is what happens when you are deeply in touch with your guides, your angels or your higher self. When you have received inspiration, you have been in touch with something greater than yourself. We are always receiving information and guidance but most of us usually ignore our feelings. We have been raised to be “realistic” and not give in to our “imagination”

Channeling is not imaginary; it is a real and intensely personal experience. With practice, anyone can channel purposely and receive loving information.

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DONNA WATKINS, CHt., NLP, Spiritual Advisor

Bashar channeling

Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. Did someone knows(have heard) if Bashar is able to teleport himself?

  2. Dolores Cannon said that non galactic interference exists and that Aliens cannot come and help us external but only internally until our civilization has advance enough to match their vibration.

    ” In the universe of Star Trek, the Prime Directive, Starfleet’s General Order number 1, is the most prominent guiding principle of the United Federation of Planets. The Prime Directive dictates that there can be no interference with the internal development of alien civilizations. ” – Wikipedia


  3. Prime Creator is a word name for the un-name-able ALL That Is. This can also be called god the verb not the noun. Star Trek is a t.v. program that was eventually made into hollywood movies.

  4. There are many good vids here on utube about soul mates, twin flames, etc. “Finding a soul mate” does not mean it will be a pleasant experience. It just means you have joined in the past and have an affinity or attraction for that reason. Often it is an opportunity to heal a wrong that we did to the other or they to us.This 3D world is constructed for our learning. We came from love, we return to to love. Everything in between is just details. Know exactly what you want B4 you try to attract it.

  5. The mind is not in the brain. The brain is all in the mind.

    What a case of the mind just screwing with itself.

  6. Yes the old system must go, but cooperation’s are still feeding poor people living in urban areas with junk processed food that raises the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc; Early Deaths to say the least. We must teach people the awareness of eating healthy and empower them to grow their own food. Scientist must find a cure to rid away these wretched diseases without monopolizing people’s life with $. Eg: Oncologist tells patient ” You cant pay for chemotherapy? Too bad ”

  7. One life ends in the current ” now ” Earth, soul leaves the body, merges back to the higher self, higher self is able to see all Past, Present, Future lives occurring simultaneously on all different parallel universe in heaven ( Past Earth, Present Earth, Future Earth etc;). The higher self than talks to spiritual guide, to assist the soul on what to do next? Should I go back to the past and reincarnate? Or to the present? Or to the future? Is that how this whole game of life is all about?

  8. Yup, its all in the mind.

  9. A matrix does not create reality. Reality creates a matrix.

  10. In simple layman English, The Physical realm is the matrix world.

  11. Prime Creator is like a Star Wars Universe or a Star Trek Universe?

  12. Humanoids have never ascended along with the planet, this is my understanding of why this particular outcome is so interesting to all sentient beings everywhere. This is just one of a multiverse of experiments. Prime Creator sent itself out in infinite variation to understand itself and eventually these aspects work their way back to the beginning with a story to tell. What will your story be? What have you learned through all these thousands of earth years? All of this is bubbling up to the top

  13. It seems more than number sequences are calling our attention (such as 11:11) now I hear people are noticing words or phrases pop into their heads then the song will be on the musak when they walk in the grocery store or turn their car radio on. I think the veils are so thin between this illusion and reality that there are “bleed throughs”. In the Matrix it was when an action would repeat itself such as a cat walking by. Nothing can be used against us if we are unconflicted. Stand 4 YOUR TRUTH!!

  14. they are still using the old style propaganda but it is failing. it is too much against our collective will. as the current system is collapsing or evolving, humanity will be better off. look for much advanced technology to be released soon as the earth cannot continue the fossil fuel route forever. they are now forced to share the technology they have stolen, bought, and are hiding.

    be an antennae of happiness so others pick up that energy off you!

  15. the “elites” know all about collective consciousness, law of attraction, distraction, energetic frequencies, etc. they use this knowledge against us all the time.

    however, i now feel unshakable hope for once. i can see the tide turning in our favor. collectively we are waking up to their lies. we know they want us to turn in our guns. we know these “lone nut” shootings have more to the story. false flags they are.

    sandy hook—multiple shooters
    aurora–multiple shooters

  16. we are all one and we are in the physical vessel, experiencing reality from different perspectives

  17. There is nothing real about the impermanent.

    It’s a very simple statement. If you can’t grasp the idea, then you are right, our conversations are pointless.